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About Us

Eco Sober Houses LLC's first house was opened in March of 2021 in Dorchester, MA. ESH is a hardcore 12 step sober house based on Alocholics Anonomys that got the manager, Brian sober. We take a hardcore approach to the 12 steps; clients are put on around a 30-day restrictions where they won’t have their cell phone, car, and are only allowed to leave with trusted individuals in the house.

They are taught the disease model; a model created in Alcoholics Anonymous. This model explains why we as hopeless variety addicts can’t get or stay sober. They are then brought through the first few chapters of the AA book; The Doctor’s Opinion, Bill’s Story, There is a Solution, More About Alcoholism, and We Agnostics. The chapters are explained in the view of someone that got sober through the 12 steps and their view on the readings.

Build up yourself

After completing the readings clients are taught how to write what in AA is called a 4th step; honestly writing resentments and fears in their lives and getting a full turnaround to see their parts they play in these. This 4th step is written in about 2 weeks and read to someone within the community. Clients are then allowed back to work and given their cell phone. Clients attend nightly meetings Monday through Thursday and are required to stay in contact with their sponsor and write regular inventory.

12 step sober homes are created to build a sober community where people build others up and in turn are built up themselves. They are taught to find a higher power through spirituality - separate from organized religion. We are taught to live a good life: helping others, doing the next right thing, practicing honesty in all our affairs. The best thing you will get out of a sober home after sobriety is being a good person, a genuine one, one that we were meant to be and were before our minds and bodies were plagued by addiction.

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About Us