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Eco Sober House referral program


We understand just how effective and important mutual aid can be, perhaps, better than anyone else. Our Houses are spaces where people in need can easily get the help they require and some additional offers. 

12 steps to sobriety include a specially crafted methodology that helps people to return to the lifestyle they enjoyed before their addiction: for 30 days, we bar these people from utilizing the boons of our civilization. They can only get help from their trusted individuals.

For our residents and clients, we have put together a program that will help them to take care of the people close to them and gain additional bonuses for doing so.

Bring a friend — get discount coupons, both of you

Referral programs exist to give you a better deal for certain services from a given company. We have decided that for our Sober Community promoting our services is just as important as reaching out to people in need of assistance.

Terms of the Eco Sober House referral program are fairly straightforward:

  1. Be an Eco Sober House client;
  2. Have a friend that could use our help;
  3. Invite your friend to become an Eco Sober House client;
  4. Your friend becomes our client;
  5. Both you and your friend get coupons for a 15% discount for residence at the House.

One important thing: one friend per client, and the friend the client brings has to become an Eco Sober House client.

You can receive your coupon from the House manager.

Referral program