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Sober House Dorchester

Sober houses in Dorchester


Why Choose Eco Sober House?

  • Safety First: Enhanced security with surveillance cameras and on-site managers ensure a safe living environment.
  • Clean and Organized: Regular cleanliness checks promote a hygienic and orderly atmosphere, vital for recovery.
  • Community Focus: A strong sense of community and peer support is at the heart of the Eco Sober House experience.
  • Structured Living: Well-defined rules and schedules provide structure, aiding clients in developing discipline and routine.
  • Substance Testing: Regular substance testing ensures a drug-free environment, maintaining the integrity of the sober living space.
  • Reintegration Support: Assistance with job placement and socialization helps clients smoothly transition back into society.
  • Select Clientele: Through interviews and screenings, we ensure that all clients are motivated and committed to recovery.
  • Zero Tolerance for Violations: Strict policies against disruptive behavior preserve the peaceful and supportive atmosphere.
  • Accessible Location: Conveniently located in Dorchester, MA, offering easy access to local amenities and resources.
  • Empowerment and Growth: Focused on empowering clients to rebuild their lives, Eco Sober House offers more than just a place to stay; it’s a foundation for a new, sober life.
Sober House Dorchester

The ability to follow the rules is a valuable life skill. Although you may want to live separately after therapy, you are probably not ready for the drastic changes. ESH offers something between what you will have in the real world and a specific structure with control of behavior.


What happens in case of a relapse

When a person who resides at ESH tests positive for drugs/alcohol or violates the other rules listed above, they will be asked to leave the residence. Suppose a person denies taking drugs/strong drinks. In that case, he can be re-examined, e.g., he may send the blood to one of the local laboratories for testing because we understand that mistakes sometimes happen. Less intrusive tests can show false positive results.

Sometimes the administration of a sober living facility allows a guest to return to the residence if he can prove that he is working hard on his recovery. However, a person must finish detox therapy that lasts at least a week before re-occupancy. The staff of Sober House in Dorchester will help you find a place at one of the detox centers and drive the patient to and from there.

Some dodgy clients use fake urine or other people’s biomaterials to successfully pass a drug test, which can also lead to them being asked to leave the house. The facility manager is not obliged to provide evidence of such violations; the decision is based on his observations. A similar rule is specified in the Agreement that you should sign.


What's around our sober house

Location of Sober House in Dorchester is East Boston, close to the necessary infrastructure; the distance to downtown is just one stop.

East Boston is a district with over 40,000 residents and offers plenty of entertainment for people of all ages and social statuses. Life here is active and full of events; people constantly go bowling, watch sports, enjoy delicious food in cozy restaurants, spend time with family, or come to listen to live music.

There are plenty of family parks in East Boston, and of course, you can hardly call yourself a connoisseur of water activities without visiting the famous New England Aquarium. If you find yourself in this area, we advise you to discover several city gems.

Piers Park: it is the ideal place to relax if you plan to spend the whole day outdoors. You may stroll along the 600-foot boardwalk, warm up on the outdoor exercise equipment, or enjoy active games on the sports ground. Stylish alcoves and jet fountains provide relief during the hottest hours.

The park boasts an original amphitheater and waterfront access from where you can admire the beauties of the central districts of Boston.

Shrine of the Madonna: at the top of the hill, you will see the Shrine of the Madonna, Queen of the Universe, founded in 1954. It is the original copy of the statue of the Madonna, installed in the inheritance of Italy, sent to Boston in three single parts. The author of the statue is a sculptor with Italian and Jewish roots who miraculously managed to escape during the invasion of Nazi Germany in Italy. Surely you will be interested in this sanctuary. Still, the main feature of the location is the ability to enjoy the picturesque landscapes of Logan Airport and all of Boston. It is one of the most beautiful viewing platforms in the city.

Sober House in Dorchester is an excellent option to eliminate any temptations you may have as you return from a controlled environment to the normal life you previously had. Come to East Boston today to enjoy all the local attractions and forever forget about the habits that ruin your life for a long time.