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Brian Thompson – Manager at Eco Sober Houses

Before getting sober, I was a shell of a human being. Badly addicted to IV fentanyl, cocaine, and benzodiazepines, I had been homeless for the past year and in and out of drug induced psychosis, mental hospitals, rehabs, and emergency rooms. I was on the verge of suicide and had nothing to live for; my family hadn’t talked to me for years, I had burned all of my friends, and had open court cases.

12 step sober living was recommended to me by a Recovery Coach at ARMS Mass General who was the only person I knew that I could say understood me and my pain to an extent. He was also a good friend of the owner of a 12-step house in Reading MA, as they were in a sober house together years before. I had just left a mental hospital and was broken down with no options when I made the best decision of my life to go to sober living. I had never been in a sober house and I was surprised to be welcomed with open arms after hearing stories about other sober homes.

First arriving, I was a mess of a 23 year old filled with rid, anxiety, and depression. All I had was two pairs of clothes and a pack of cigarettes. My hair was down to my shoulders and my facial hair overgrown. I was loved back to life by the members and managers at the sober house. Clothes were freely given to me and people were genuinely nice. The 12 steps were drilled into me and I wrote an honest 4th step. The highly structured system was something I was in dire need of. I had never had a job, never had a license, and lacked basic life skills.

I secured a job at a local restaurant and members of the house made sure I got there every day. I fell in love with the 12 steps because I saw the psychic change in myself and other people. I fell in love with the process and helping new people the same way I was once helped. The 12 steps helped me grow up and taught me the importance of living right. I arrived in sober living in early April of 2019 and left in July of 2020. Today, I have a healthy relationship with a beautiful girl, a huge support system through the house, my sponsor, and my reconnected family, and great opportunities lie ahead of me. The 12 steps brought out my true self and taught me valuable lessons about life. The best thing I got out of the 12 steps was being a genuine good person. I owe my life to the process.