Sober houses in Roxbury, MA Sober houses in Roxbury, MA

Sober Houses in Roxbury, MA

Discover a nurturing haven for your sobriety journey, where security and nurturing care are paramount.

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Sober houses in Roxbury, MA

At Eco Sober Houses in Roxbury, our primary focus is on providing a secure and nurturing environment to assist individuals in their journey towards sobriety. Our recently renovated facility offers comfortable double rooms with modern furnishings, creating a welcoming space for clients. We take great care in selecting motivated individuals, ensuring a safe and peaceful living environment in our sober house.

Beyond offering a place to stay, we assist our clients in their social reintegration and job placement, promoting personal growth. At the heart of our approach is the belief that forming meaningful connections and sharing both dreams and challenges is essential. We foster a sense of belonging within our close-knit community, helping individuals overcome feelings of isolation and disillusionment that can arise during their journey.

Sober houses in Roxbury, MA
Sober houses in Roxbury, MA
Sober houses in Roxbury, MA
Sober houses in Roxbury, MA
Sober houses in Roxbury, MA
Sober houses in Roxbury, MA

Holworthy Eco Sober House

45 Holworthy St, Boston, MA

Holworthy Eco Sober House, situated at 45 Holworthy St in Roxbury, MA, offers a serene environment for individuals seeking a path to sobriety. Housed in a charming three-family brick building in a quiet neighborhood near a grade school, our sober house provides spacious rooms with high ceilings, while WiFi and TV access are in the works. Our holistic approach to addiction overcoming emphasizes both physical and emotional well-being. We are working on creating a shared main room for community interaction. Join us on your journey to sobriety and experience Holworthy's unique features:


Tranquil Location

Spacious High-Ceiling Rooms

WiFi & TV Access

Community-Focused Main Room

Well-Maintained Facility

Experienced Management

Nurturing Environment

Our Roxbury Sober Houses

Holworthy Eco Sober House

Holworthy Eco Sober House

45 Holworthy St, Boston, MA

Why Eco Sober House Stands Out

Why choose

Strong Community:

We carefully select clients through interviews to ensure a supportive community of motivated individuals.

Enhanced Security:

Our sober house in Roxbury, MA feature surveillance cameras and on-site managers to maintain a secure environment and prevent disruptions.

Supportive Employment:

We assist with socialization and job placement, collaborating with organizations focused on successful integration into society.

Regular Substance Testing:

Routine alcohol and drug tests guarantee a drug-free environment, allowing for uninterrupted progress.

Respect for Personal Space:

Our spacious rooms, two bathrooms per floor, and fully equipped kitchens provide comfort and privacy for our clients.

Clean and Hygienic Environment:

Our commitment to cleanliness ensures consistently tidy and welcoming sober houses for your recovery journey.

Find like-minded community and security at Eco Sober Houses in Roxbury, MA, offering a renovated facility for holistic recovery. Choose our sober homes for a tranquil setting, spacious rooms, and a community-focused approach to sobriety in a nurturing environment.

Substance-Free Environment and Guidelines

At our sober home, we are firmly committed to maintaining a drug and alcohol-free environment, which is essential for providing the highest level of assistance to our clients’ sobriety.

If a client is found using drugs while staying with us, immediate action will be taken, which may include asking them to leave the sober house. Our management will assist in finding them a safe place and arranging transportation.

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What happens block

To uphold drug-free environment, clients of our sober house agree to random drug and alcohol tests conducted by our team. These tests ensure the integrity of our sober living space, with results shared as needed. Violating this policy may result in immediate termination, with a 2-hour limit for producing urine samples when requested.

For security, bedroom doors must remain unlocked for staff access. We also expect respectful noise levels within shared spaces.

Clients of our sober house in Roxbury are encouraged to stay engaged through work, school, or community service if not working or studying. This active involvement facilitates their well-being and sobriety.

Benefits of Choosing Roxbury for Your Recovery Journey

Roxbury stands out as an excellent choice for a sober house and individuals on the path to sobriety, offering a multitude of compelling advantages.

Safe Environment: This area’s reputation as a safe area ensures peace of mind during your journey. Its low crime rate and community-oriented atmosphere create a secure environment where you can focus entirely on your journey to sobriety without unnecessary worries about personal safety.

Convenient Transportation: The neighborhood boasts excellent public transportation options, ensuring you can easily navigate the city for work, appointments, and daily necessities. With a well-connected network of buses and trains, you’ll have convenient access to various parts of the area.

Healthcare Access: Nearby, you’ll have access to reputable medical facilities and clinics, ensuring you receive top-notch healthcare if necessary during your journey to sobriety.

Community Support: Roxbury is renowned for its tight-knit community and support networks. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with local support groups and organizations specializing in addiction recovery, including Alcoholics Anonymous. Building connections with those who understand your journey is a vital aspect of your recovery process.

Employment Prospects: The neighborhood provides access to a diverse range of job opportunities, facilitating your reintegration into the workforce when you’re ready. Our dedicated staff is committed to assisting clients with their job search when possible, facilitating a smooth transition back into society.

Cultural Vibrancy: This area is known for its rich cultural heritage and vibrant arts scene. Engaging in cultural activities and events can provide individuals in recovery with a positive and meaningful way to spend their time. Exploring local art galleries, attending cultural festivals, or participating in community arts projects can offer therapeutic outlets for self-expression and creativity, contributing to the healing process.

Join our sober house in Roxbury today to embark on your path to sobriety in a supportive and empowering community, where Roxbury’s resources are at your fingertips to assist you on your journey to lasting recovery.

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