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Eco Sober House Information

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What to expect

  • Guests coming from detox will be put on a probationary period of an average of 4 weeks to go through the 12 steps.
  • This includes bookwork and writing/reading a 4th step.
  • Guests will have their phone and car keys (if applicable) taken away during this time and will only be able to leave with a member of the house.
  • These will be returned at the discretion of the acting house manager - on average after 3-4 weeks.
  • Guests will be allowed to check their phone for numbers/work, they just need to ask the acting house manager.
  • Guests already with sobriety will most likely not have any restrictions put on them.
  • They will be able to freely move around if they are diligently working on their 4th step.
  • This can change at the discretion of the acting house manager based on the actions of the guests and their observance of the 12 steps.

The monthly fee is set upon arrival at Eco Sober House and may increase over time to adjust for inflation or other extenuating factors. However, there will never be more than one increase within a 12-month period, and there will be at least a three-month notice of any fee changes.

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ESH House weekly schedule (x/xx/xxxx)

Morning Meetings: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10AM-10:30AM

Monday: House meeting 6:30 PM in the basement

Wednesday: House dinner 7 PM
Cooking: Name, Name
Ordering out from: Restaurant Name

Thursday: Inventory/12 Step workshop. 6:30 PM If you are still writing your 4th step you can continue to do so during this meeting

Friday: 7:00 PM (1-2 Fridays a month) Group Event decided:

Sunday: 8:30 PM (optional) Big Book workshop chapter:

*If on restriction you will be required to be actively working on your 4th step*

ESH House weekly schedule (x/xx/xxxx)
Engagement in the program

Engagement in the program

Clients at ESH are required to actively be engaged in the program layed out for them. We at ESH understand clients go through rough patches in sobriety and will help them address issues as we see them.

The grounds for the clients agreement

The grounds for the clients agreement

However, clients are expected to be actively engaged in the 12 steps and the program layed out for them. Not living the right way or not being engaged in the program may be grounds for the clients agreement and stay at ESH to be terminated.

ESH Relapse Procedure

In the unfortunate circumstances of a positive drug test at ESH or blatant or obvious drug use the Guest will be asked to leave. If the Guest becomes combative the authorities may be called. If the Guest denies the positive test, he can be retested, and if still necessary a blood test at the Emergency Room will be taken. We understand that false positives sometimes happen with less invasive tests.

Guests may be allowed back based on their standing in the house and how well they are working on their recovery. Guests must complete a 7 day detox program before returning to the house. ESH will help acquire a bed at a detox and provide transportation to and from when required.

Guests who do not want to return to ESH will be given one night at a hotel of the current House Managers choice, and will be helped to pack up belongings. Transportation will be provided when needed. Guest refusal to leave ESH grounds will result in the local authorities being called as it interferes with the safety of the rest of the members of the house.

If a Guest is suspected of using synthetic urine or somebody else's urine to pass a drug test they can and will be asked to leave. The current House Manager is not required to have proof and is allowed to act on their own suspicions. This is included when you sign the Guest Agreement.

Eco Sober Houses Coaching

At Eco Sober Houses, we know how important it is to have a competent, helpful staff that not only work to maintain the house but maintain the people that live in the house. It’s imperative that our guests receive the help that they need in every form that we can provide – and a helpful, loving staff that can empathize with our guests and work with them to actualize sober living is a number one priority.

At Eco Sober Houses, helping people is our goal. We hand pick our staff and find those who have this mission close to their hearts and know how to help people to the best of their ability. This goes further than just minor chores around the house and such; it’s a commitment to a relationship that our staff expect to maintain and keep. We choose people that are naturally attuned for this – not forced to, but would anyway.

Oftentimes, it can come to pass that guests no longer think their previous work is a good fit for their new sober life. This is not something that we overlook – our vocational coaches will help you get the skills to branch into a new field, then help you land the job that you need to make the change. Eco Sober Houses are committed to supporting those that we transition back into society, vocational coaching is one key way that we make this a reality. Eco Sober Houses believes that vocational coaching is a core staple in helping get and keep guests sober. Vocational coaching can take on many different forms – but It’s important to remember that a good coach is not just someone who knows the steps to achieve success, it’s often someone who has achieved the goal themselves. This is what defines the vocational coaches at Eco Sober Houses.

Eco Sober Houses Coaching

ESH Relapse Procedure

Eco Sober House is located in East Boston, Massachusetts with all the necessities right within reach. Just one stop from downtown, the Eco Sober House in East Boston It is a personable three family home with residents that are all committed to sober living.

East Boston is a wonderful place to live that offers a great diversity of seasons, food, and sights. Known for its waterfront views, amazing pizza, and fresh air, East Boston is perfect for anyone as it offers a great variety of ways to live. Spend your days exploring the city, take your time strolling around the parks, or take a bread and enjoy the skyline from the water – it’s all up to you.

East Boston is full of many different attractions, including:

World Famous Santarpio’s Pizza
World Famous Santarpio’s Pizza
One of Boston’s most famous pizzerias, this restaurant exemplifies what it means to eat in Boston. Opened all the way back in 1903, this little mom-and-pop shop is still run by the Santarpio family. This pizzeria and many others around it are just a taste of the culture and history that is all embodied in the Boston cuisine.
LoPresti Park
LoPresti Park
LoPresti Park is an old park with a new feel. Recently updated to match the surrounding city, LoPresti is a 4-acre park that offers great spots to stop and enjoy incredible views of the city. Come to LoPresti park and use the basketball courts, street hockey rink, or their state-of-the-art artificial turf soccer field. LoPresti park offers one of the best views of the city from the water giving the watcher a whole new perspective of Boston.

Eco Sober House is a great living environment surrounded by one of the most vibrant and welcoming communities. Come to our Eco Sober House in East Boston today and experience the national treasure that Boston really is.