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Welcome to Eco Sober House
in Boston, MA

Your Home, Your Brotherhood, Your Recovery

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Comfortable Accommodations

Newly remodeled building with double rooms with modern furnishings

Peer Support & 12 Steps

We offer an inclusive 12-step program, counseling and an encouraging, supportive environment.


We offer professional career guidance and our promise that any resident who wants to work is guaranteed placement within 14 days of move-in.

Completely Renovated Building

Spacious Double Rooms

Comfortable Furnishings

2 Large Bathrooms per Floor

Fully Stocked Community Kitchen

A Lounge Area with Billiards and a Movie Theater

Only 30 Residents

Plenty of Privacy & Space

Structure & Support

Getting through to the other side of this journey is hard enough. You shouldn’t have to do it alone. At Eco Sober Houses, you won’t have to. You will have an entire community of like-minded peers to rely on.

We deliberately created an environment where building friendships happens easily and naturally. Where sharing your dreams and struggles isn’t frowned upon. And where every resident feels a sense of belonging to a larger group, a brotherhood.

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Transition Made Easy

Career Guidance & Employment Assistance

Our career guidance goes above and beyond what you’d ordinarily receive in a transitional living place. We cater to your aspirations, your passions, and your talents. And we help you find a job that has potential for future growth.

Do The Work that Matters to You

At Eco Sober Houses, we understand that just having a job is not enough for a fulfilling life. That’s why we partner with a number of businesses that will help you find a career path that’s just right for you.

No Judgement!

At Eco Sober Houses, we offer the most inclusive 12-Step Program. Whatever your background, religious beliefs or upbringing, you’ll feel encouraged & supported.

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Support of your peers

All beliefs welcome

Honor your uniqueness

Welcome diversity

Genuinely here for you