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What is an Addiction Rehabilitation Center?

Alcohol and drug addiction is a very common problem in many countries. It causes a number of physiological and psychological changes in the body, which make a once healthy and active person a helpless “creature” with only one goal – to find and use the next dose of the substance.

Hundreds of thousands of people and millions of their relatives suffer from this problem every year. If these individuals (or their close people) do not take the necessary measures in a timely manner, the risks of getting irreversible harm are inevitable.

In a Rehabilitation Center, a special program for the rehabilitation of alcoholism and drug addiction allows an addict to quickly adapt to a normal lifestyle, in which there is no place for psychoactive substances, including alcohol abuse. 

Rehabilitation at the center is aimed at the patient’s full awareness of the problem and its harm, the stimulation of a steady natural desire to eliminate it through the implementation of individually selected treatment methods, and a twelve-step program. It provides all the tools they need to start living a healthy life. 

Individuals can choose between two types of treatment programs. Outpatient treatment is where an addict only regularly visits the clinic or facility to receive treatment. For tougher cases that require more serious treatment, the individual lives in the center for about a month.

Who is a Rehabilitation Center Designed for?

A Rehabilitation Center is designed for everyone who suffers from drug and alcohol addiction. Addiction is not easy to overcome, especially on your own and without a knowledgeable approach to the problem. Yet, it is treatable, and this treatment gives an opportunity to start a new life. Rehab Centers help not only the addicts themselves but also the people who surround them because both suffer from the destructive effect of alcohol and drugs.

Is Rehabilitation Center participation helpful?

A rehab program is not only helpful but a necessary first step to a successful recovery. Breaking the cycle of addiction is very challenging if the person does not receive both medical and psychological support. The Rehabilitation Center customizes the treatment based on the underlying problem. 

It has all the tools and resources that a person struggling with drug use or alcohol abuse to overcome this addiction. Besides helping the program participant to overcome the addiction, the rehab programs also teach the individuals how to live their life afterward.

This is a very important part of the rehabilitation treatment because otherwise, the person will end up not knowing what to do with themselves and can start abuse the substances again. In the center, however, they learn how to lead a healthy, productive, and, above all, a happy life without these substances.

What are the Benefits of a Rehabilitation Center?

Being treated at a Rehabilitation Center instead of trying to detoxify and withdraw from addiction at home has its benefits.

  • Safe Environment

Besides keeping the drug addict in an environment that is free of triggers and access to alcohol and drugs, this place offers another type of safety. This safety entails continuous monitoring of the physical and phycological health by medical professionals, counselors, and other specialists.

  • Structure

Breaking out of the addiction cycle involves not only abstinence from substance use but also forming completely new habits. The Rehabilitation Center gives this opportunity because it provides a treatment program that has a structure with routines and activities that help to focus on the positive. They can learn and practice new skills and behaviors while being in a safe environment. It helps the addicts to get used to a healthy everyday schedule that makes it easier to keep oneself occupied without the use of alcohol or drugs after the program is over. 

  • Stress Management

Everyday life is stressful enough even to healthy people. The stress people experience while going through the addiction and another negative behavior treatment is much more intense. Rehab Centers are able to provide the tools to deal with this stress. They teach the addicts to understand what they are going through and offer activities that help them to find relief without the use of damaging substances.

  • Exploring Triggers

Finding out the underlying issues of heavy drinking, chronic drinking, alcoholism, and drug use can help the person and his or her loved ones know what triggers to eliminate in the future and what issues to work on to prevent relapses. These might be depression and other stress triggers, peer pressure, media, and even simple boredom.

  • Peer Support

Being in a community of people who are going through exactly the same experiences at the same time is very encouraging and helps to keep being dedicated to achieving positive results.

Rehabilitation Center and Sober House: What is the Difference?

Sober House and a Rehabilitation Center play completely different roles in the addiction recovery process. The Rehabilitation Center is a place where the recovery starts either through medical or spiritual treatment. 

The Sober House, in contrast, serves as a place for the continuation of this recovery, where the individual is offered a sober and structured setting that promotes a recovery that will last. Completion of a rehabilitation or detox program is a prerequisite for becoming a member at the Sober House. 

A Sober House serves a transition stage to a drug and alcohol-free life. It provides more freedom than a Rehab Center while keeping the residents accountable for their actions as a condition for staying at the house. This is a place where the soul starts to heal after the body has undergone the treatment. 

In the Sober House, unlike in Rehab Centers, residents are allowed to interact with the outside world (specific conditions and requirements apply). Another difference between the Rehab Center and the Sober House is their cost, with the latter being more affordable. This is understandable because the services, such as medical treatment and constant monitoring, offered at the Rehab Center, need to be paid for. Remember, addiction affects more than the individual themselves, but their loved ones and places like Rehab Centers and Sober Houses help to change that. 

Ready to make a change? Take the first step and start your recovery today.

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