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Best Way to Flush Alcohol Out of Your System

Best Way to Flush Alcohol Out of Your System

Anyone who drinks alcohol even from time to time, at least once asked the question: How to get alcohol out of your system safely and quickly? Considering that the quarantine and the coronavirus crisis have caused a surge in alcohol consumption around the world, it is likely that more people are asking this question.

It is known that ethanol, which is present in all alcoholic beverages, upon reaching a certain level of concentration in the blood begins to act like a poison, disrupting the function of blood circulation, affecting the brain and other organs. According to the WHO, as a result of severe alcohol intoxication, about three million people die every year in the world.

How long does it take alcohol to get out of your system? Alcohol can show up in a blood test and urine for up to 12 hours. More advanced methods allow to detect in the urine for up 3 to 5 days. The liver removes up to 90% of alcohol from the human body, while the process takes place at a constant rate that cannot be sped up. However, one can affect the remaining 10% and relieve hangover symptoms.

How to get alcohol out of your system – A new method

Dialysis, intravenous fluids, and oxygen supply can speed up the elimination of alcohol from the blood. However, Canadian scientists have developed a new method and, in their opinion, the best way to flush the alcohol out of your system that does not require expensive equipment.

They found that when breathing deeply and quickly, alcohol is excreted three times faster compared to having the liver do all the work. Moreover, the stronger the breath, the more alcohol is excreted from the body. You can read more about the results of their studies in the Scientific Reports.

However, this method can cause dizziness, fainting, and numbness in the arms and legs. So, how to get alcohol out of your system this way without experiencing the negative side effects? Researchers have developed a compact, briefcase-sized device to maintain a patient’s blood carbon dioxide levels during hyperventilation.

The scientists believe that the concept will not only create new methods of treating severe alcohol intoxication but also help those who just want to quickly sober up. In the course of the research, the device was successfully tested by volunteers, but in the future, more trials are needed in a clinical setting.

Effective ways to detox your body from alcohol

Knowing that scientists are working on finding the best way to flush the alcohol out of your system is great and can be life-saving for many. However, it is likely that you are looking for more realistic ways to get sober. Considering the length of time people have been drinking alcohol, it is not surprising that numerous ways to make one feel better have been discovered and used.

Let’s look at the most popular and effective ones.

  • Drink plain water. As plain as it sounds, this is really the best way to flush the alcohol out of your system because the main reason your body is experiencing hangover symptoms is dehydration. Not only does it help your body to do its work, but it helps to eliminate alcohol toxins through urine and sweating. On that note, it should be pointed out that drinking coffee or similar stimulating drinks will only have a temporary positive effect, after which a person will be even more dehydrated and the hangover symptoms can worsen.
  • Drink juices. The liver is overloaded with alcohol and cannot handle glucose production. So, in addition to or instead of water, you can drink juices. Besides, providing your body with easily digestible carbohydrates, they can help it deal with intoxication in other ways. You should consider making them from the following fruits and vegetables: beets, pears, oranges, ginger, coconut water, cucumber, turmeric, carrots, celery, tomato, pineapple, and dark leafy greens.
  • Get some fresh air. Fresh air combined with physical activity will help improve oxygenation and speed up metabolic processes. However, care should be taken – this should be done only when intoxication is not severe. Otherwise, an open window is sufficient.

In cases where the above methods do not have the desired effect, and there is severe alcohol poisoning, the best way to flush the alcohol out of your system would be with the help of medical professionals. One should seek medical help if the symptoms are serious and getting worse. Do not put your health and life at risk in hopes to deal with heavy drinking consequences at home on your own.

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