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10 Best Alcohol Addiction Recovery Books

There are many articles and videos on alcohol addiction recovery. Yet, there is something about books that makes us think deeper and get more insights into the addiction problem and how to recover from addiction. We put together a list of some of the best alcohol addiction recovery books for both those who are recovering from the addiction and close to them people.

1. Memoirs of an Addicted Brain by Marc Lewis

This book is written by a neuroscientist who is in recovery, which gives this book a perfect balance of science and story. Memoirs of an Addicted Brain has some really heavy science in it, but the author breaks it down in a way that one really can understand what is happening in the brain of an addict. The book also tells that information alongside a personal story, which keeps one’s attention and keeps the reader engaged throughout the whole book.

2. Stage II Recovery: Life Beyond Addiction by Earnie Larsen

It might seem that addiction is behind when a person is in stage two of recovery. However, the new life has just begun and a person needs some guidance on how to rebuild their life. This is where this book will be a lifesaver for both the individuals in the recovery process and their family and friends. This author has written numerous books and has years of education and experience in the field of counseling and improving interpersonal relationships.

3. Recovery: Freedom from Our Addiction by Russell Brand

The author is a comedian with a sort of funny dark sense of humor. He talks about the 12 steps in his book and explains everything in a really blunt and kind of deep, philosophical way. In a way, this book is an interesting combination of humor and deep philosophy. He also shares different stories from his life. The book appeals to a lot of different senses.

4. This Naked Mind: Control Alcohol by Annie Grace

This author has a different approach to help stop drinking from what they teach in a 12-step program. She focuses on helping people decided that they just do not want to drink anymore, which is really different from the typical approach where addicts are told that addiction is not the way out and you need to stop drinking. Many people appreciate this new approach to dealing with alcohol addiction, especially if other approaches were not very effective.

5. How to Murder Your Life by Cat Marnell

Cat Marnell’s “How to Murder Your Life” is a story about Cat Marnell, a girl from a wealthy and strict family, who becomes a beauty editor in New York City. When you think that she is getting everything she might have dreamt about and has an amazing life, that person is actually suffering from addiction and many other issues, such as bulimia and feeling lonely all the time. She tells about all these issues and how her addiction destroyed the life she was building before.

6. The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown

“The Gifts of Imperfection” has many recommendations. Brene Brown has deeply researched vulnerability and shame and a lot of things she writes about in her book, she has been practicing in her own life, so it is not just a theory. She observed how people around her were living this whole life from their heart, while the life she lived did not lead to a feeling of fulfillment. Although one may accomplish a lot of things, they will still not be living to their full potential if they do not let go of all the standards the society dictates us. This is a book not only for addicts but every person who deep down has a feeling of inadequacy and how to recover from that state.

7. Girl Walks Out of a Bar: A Memoir by Lisa Smith

Lisa Smith takes you on a journey of a bright young lawyer. It might have seemed that everything is alright, but she was a high functioning alcoholic and cocaine addict. She tells an honest story of what triggered her addiction and how alcohol and drugs became her solution to all the stress and workloads. Lisa also shares how she got out of this dependence and found the light at the end of this tunnel.

8. House on Stilts by Paula Becker

This book is Paula’s personal narrative of dealing with her own son’s addiction. This is an up-close and personal point of view about what it is like to have a child going through this. This is a mother’s journey. The struggle she has, the decisions she has to make, the heartstrings that get pulled on, the other siblings, and how to balance all that in. If you are a parent or a close person of someone struggling, this book should be really helpful.

9. Living Sober (1997) by Alcoholics Anonymous Services

Another book we want to mention in our list is “Living Sober”. Although this book was published what might seem ages ago, there is so much valuable information for those who are just beginning their new life, a sober life. This is a relatively short book, which suitable for those who are just trying to take the first steps and do not know where to start. All the advice is presented in a very simple to understand language, making it a simple read. It is also based on real experiences and successful stories, so many recovering addicts find the tips to be actually helpful.

10. When Your Partner Has an Addiction by Christopher Kennedy Lawford and Beverly Engel

The main message of this book is that love is key to a partner’s recovery from addiction. With less and less resources to combat the issue, we have to help the suffering individuals at home. Although it is hard not to leave when one is angry at the person and experiences many other emotions, we do not have to leave the people we love. The book helps one understand addiction as an illness and explains why we should not judge those suffering from addiction. It gives ways that one can help that person and still stay, unless there is an abusive relationship and one is in danger.

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