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10 Healthy ways to deal with stress

10 Healthy ways to deal with stress

Stress is a huge part of everyone’s life. Dealing with stress is part of the human experience, and dealing with stress well is one of the key determining factors in successful individuals.

There are plenty of ways to deal with stress, and whether you want to deal with it or not, your body will try to deal with whatever stress that you have in some way or another. Ignoring the stress and hoping that your body will figure it out as it goes will not work, as your body will deal with the stress in some way or another. Those ways that your body finds are not always positive.

Being proactive about stress and understanding that you can cope with stress in healthy ways is amazing for your overall health.

Stress and the Body

Stress isn’t just internal. Stress that is built up can cause you to have serious health issues that need to be addressed, and that necessity will, ironically, increase your stress.

Stress can increase your blood pressure, increase your risk of stroke or heart attack, it ages your skin, it can suppress your immune system, it can lead to insomnia, it can affect your brain, leaving you more at risk for other psychological conditions such as anxiety.

Stress will be dealt with, and unfortunately not everyone has the luxury of leading a life that is completely stress-free.

Stress can be dealt with in negative ways if it is dealt with, such as drug or alcohol abuse. These common ways to deal with stress only prolong most problems, as they don’t actually fix anything in the moment, but distract your brain so that you don’t need to deal with whatever problem is going on in your life at the moment.

Using drugs or alcohol to deal with stress is, in some cases, much worse than not dealing with stress. Oftentimes, the stress will remain and one will be left with a crippling addiction.

Thankfully, there are ways to deal with stress in healthy ways. There are always ups and downs in life, and one shouldn’t expect stress to remain a constant at any stage of their life. Expecting this, and looking for different, responsible ways to deal with stress is what will make the difference.

1. Exercise

This one is a classic – and it can cause some readers to roll their eyes, but bear with us here. Exercise releases so many positive chemicals in your brain that will help you have a more positive outlook on life. Not only that, but exercise is just good for your overall health.

Nothing is more freeing than being in control of your body and what you can do. Increasing your output will give you confidence that you need to tackle the problems that you might be facing and that give you stress.

10 Healthy ways to deal with stress

2. Re-prioritize Your Work/Life Balance

Balance in life is good, and it could be that you or your business is going through a stressful time. In these uncertain times around the world, it’s easy to feel like there are things that are just too big for one man or woman to deal with, and you’d be right.

Re-balancing your life to find a healthy amount of both will help reduce your stress levels and give you a more positive outlook on life, ultimately aiding you in the more stressful situations you have in either.

3. Find Your Support Group

Having good friends to connect with you, talk to you and keep you in their mind and prayers is critical when trying to reduce stress levels. Even if you consider yourself an introvert, having that person there to be there for you, listen to you vent and work out whatever is going on is crucial. If you don’t have that currently, make an attempt to reach out and find that person.

There are so many different places to find a solid support group. From churches to other support groups, you can find your people.

4. Set Acceptable Alcohol Limits

Alcohol is a depressant. It’s tempting to use this as a comfort in exceptionally stressful times, but don’t lose yourself in the drug. Set limits and don’t let yourself slide too deep. Learn to curve your cravings and deal with the stress that life brings you without running from it.

5. Eat Well

Everyone has heard the cliche “you are what you eat” – but there’s a reason it’s such a widespread saying. Eating right, setting limits on what you eat, and finding a good schedule will help you find a relaxing groove.

6. Give Yourself Time for Your Hobbies

Hobby time is important, and while your job might demand so much from you, take the time for yourself to enjoy your life. Your life as a worker does not need to be in vain. You work hard and deal with the stress of life so that you can have a good life. Make sure to take time to evaluate what you enjoy doing and then do those things.

7. Meditate, Yoga, or Breathing Exercises

Meditation looks a little different for anyone who tries it. Yoga is slightly more structured, and breathing exercises are just that – rather easy if you carve out time for them.

Each of these, as simple as they sound, can immensely reduce stress. Try each of them and see which works for you.

8. Pet Your Pet

Animals have strong connections with humans. Dogs can be amazing companions and can sense when you’re stressed and try to help if they can. If you’re not a fan of man’s best friend, cats are also great tactile stress relievers as their furry, squishy bodies are helpful for releasing a lot of stress.

9. Elevate the Importance of Sleep

Sleep is such an important part of your life. Stress can make it difficult to sleep well, so taking extra care in finding a routine that helps get you to sleep and increases the quality of your sleep will be great when it comes to reducing your stress levels.

There’s nothing quite like waking up from a good night’s sleep, ready to face the day. If you don’t take steps to achieve that, you’re robbing yourself of opportunities to reduce your stress.

10. See a Professional

Stress is more complicated than your average joe can handle. While it’s part of the human experience, it’s still not understood as well as each person probably thinks they understand it. Studying it professionally is a noble endeavour, and those that do should be treated with respect.

Seeing a professional at ecosoberhouse.com is not a sign or weakness, it’s simply saying that you don’t understand the entirety of the situation that you’re in and are asking for help. It’s one of the best things that anyone can do when it comes to stress.

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