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10 Helpful Sayings in Sobriety

10 Helpful Sayings in Sobriety

For most people, alcohol addiction recovery is a challenging phase. You may find yourself learning new routines, habits, and sayings, most of which are to encourage and guide you on your journey to sobriety.

Now, sobriety saying can feel very strange, especially if you are not naturally optimistic. Hearing people throw around words like “this too shall pass” or “slow and steady” may not be appealing at first. You could wonder why everyone seems so religious about saying the opposite of what they are going through.

As you will come to understand soon, the reality is that reminding yourself of where you want to be through sobriety sayings is quite important. These words give you the boost you need to get out of bed and try again. They aren’t just random happy-go-lucky words. Instead, they have deep meanings that can brighten up your outlook and set you on track to a better recovery experience.

How Do Sobriety Saying Help Recovery?

Naturally, our moods and feelings are influenced by the thoughts that cross our minds. For instance, you could feel sad or happy depending on whether you watch a tragic play or a sweet romcom. In the same way, sobriety sayings serve as reminders for you. Each expression is crafted in a way that encourages you to stay sober and focus on your treatment.

Being sober requires a lot of effort and determination on your part. And it’s pretty normal to feel discouraged, angry, or worried as you return to your everyday life. So, these little reminders can help you stay focused when you feel like going off the edge. They are also quite handy when you cannot reach out to friends to motivate you.

Without trying too hard, you will find good improvements in your mental and emotional health. Overall, your physical health will also be steady as you stay away from drug or alcohol abuse.

Sobriety sayings are easy to learn and remember. So, you don’t have to memorize a long quote or struggle to remember it when you feel down. You can even make your own version of these sayings and remind yourself at any time during the day.

10 Helpful Sayings in Sobriety

Top 10 Helpful Sayings in Sobriety

  1. First things firstYou can apply this saying to many life areas, not just recovery. As an example, when you hear ‘first things first’, it means some things should be done before others. What’s beautiful about this saying is that you can use it to organize and coordinate yourself whenever you feel overwhelmed by your life.So don’t start off your journey to sobriety by worrying about overcoming addiction and staying sober for a lifetime. Instead, begin by participating in recovery activities and learning to stay sober one day at a time.
  2. One day at a timeAlcohol addiction is a complicated illness. Hence, the recovery process and treatment for each person varies. However, the saying reminds us that you don’t have to worry about the coming week or year. Instead, focus on being sober one day at a time.
  3. Recovery is about progression, not perfectionOne of the important things to do while sober is to ensure you abstain from the vices you used to indulge in. Recovery helps you pick up productive habits and practices for your journey to sober living.It can be depressing to find you still fall short of your goals during this process. Instead of feeling discouraged about your treatment, remind yourself that your progress is all that matters. Sober living is not about perfect streaks. It’s about being better than the person you were yesterday.
  4. There is no elevator. You have to take the stepsJust like the conventional steps to recovery, sober living requires you to take one action at a time. Unfortunately, there is no cureall or speedy treatment for addiction. So if life becomes too difficult at any point, remind yourself that these steps are important for your recovery.
  5. You do not have to see the whole staircase; just take your first stepBecoming sober is a challenging decision you must make every day. So, it may be hard to see the bright side of things. But, this is where getting help from a sober community comes in. Talking to people who have gone through similar experiences like yourself will encourage them to keep trying hard.
  6. Sobriety is a journey, not a destinationYou may have heard or read “sobriety is a journey, not a destination” somewhere. It simply means you must keep working towards sober living every day of your life. There is no finish line or graduation. Sober living is a lifestyle.
  7. If you are not moving away from a drink, you are moving closer to itThis saying is important to everyone who wants to stay away from alcohol. It is a reminder that you shouldn’t risk your sobriety by staying in places that tempt you.So, avoid hanging out in bars or with people who like to drink. It can put your sobriety in jeopardy.
  8. Time takes time”Time takes time” is a profound saying. It is an expression that encourages patience and steady growth. Don’t feel the need to rush yourself or go back to living your everyday life. You must build emotional and mental strength, which will take a while.
  9. To thine own self be trueYou must be honest with yourself every step of the way. This is because honesty helps you judge your strengths and weaknesses properly. So, when you evaluate your progress, you can take note of areas where you need counsel or encouragement.
  10. Many meetings, many chances; few meetings, few chances; no meetings, no chancesThis is something you can say every time you feel like skipping a meeting or avoiding group therapy. However, each time you interact with members of a healthy recovery community, you can learn helpful ideas and practices.


Overall, you must always keep it simple. At EcoSoberHouse, we understand that complicated sobriety-enhancing activities lead to panic, anxiety, and discouragement. So, it’s always great to stay connected to people and places who can inspire you to keep up your sobriety. If you or your loved ones need more tips and motivation, please reach out to ecosoberhouse.com.

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