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Reasons to live an alcohol free life

Reasons to live an alcohol free life

There are plenty of reasons to live an alcohol free lifestyle, and since you are looking at this page, maybe you are ready to live that way. Since many people use alcohol as an escape or at parties, they assume it is the catalyst for fun. In reality, it simply releases inhibitions, suppresses memory and diminishes cognitive reasoning. Many who first start on the road to sobriety believe that they are missing out on something when giving up alcohol, but this is not true. When drinking, that is when one is truly missing out. Below is a list of fifteen reasons why having an alcohol free lifestyle will help one live a richer, fuller life.

You will feel healthier

The amount of calories that is in alcohol is astronomical. In an average bottle of wine there are over 500 calories, in just a single Coors beer there is over 100 calories. When adding those calories up it really starts to slow you down. Also, since alcohol is so taxing on your system, your body never really has time to heal itself. Once alcohol is dropped, your body has more time to focus on maintaining itself, rather than processing the booze.

You will be happier

Cutting back on alcohol is an easy way to be happier. Since alcohol is a depressant, it actually will bring you down more times than it will pick you up. The happiness that is associated with alcohol is more of an illusory happiness. When sober, it is so much easier to find joy in normal life, even something simple as walking in a park or on the beach.

No more hangovers

This is one of the biggest reasons some people give up drinking. Waking up not able to function with a headache and body aches eventually just becomes no longer worth it. After stopping, people no longer felt this tremendous weight, life simply got easier. Being hungover does nothing for you, so if anything should be a motivator for you to quit the booze, this is one of the strongest arguments.

Fewer arguments, better relationships

There is a lot of confusion when drinking. Alcohol makes people have way more assumptions or miscommunications. Relationships are easily strained and Dropping booze is a great way to get more clarity in your life. When drinking, it is so easy to jump to rash decisions and not view life multidimensionally. The clarity which comes from sobriety can improve relationships dramatically. Loved ones can feel overwhelmed when dealing with an alcoholic. When sober, moods are much more level and easier to deal with.

Deeper Sleep

Many people believe that alcohol actually helps them sleep, though this is not the case. As stated before, alcohol is a depressant and does slow your body functions down, but it inhibits your body from getting a truly good night’s sleep. Living an alcohol free life will enable your body to reach its proper sleep cycle and you will feel more rested than ever before.

Weight Loss

This could be associated with health but in reality it is extremely important on its own. When drinking, the amount of calories really changes a person’s appearance. A common symptom of too much drinking is “puffy face.” When no longer drinking, this symptom typically goes away in just a few weeks. Vanity does not need to be the major factor to getting sober, but it is a great reason.

Reasons to live an alcohol free life

Less Trouble

When sober, there is way less of a chance of getting into any major incidents with loved ones, but especially law enforcement. It is really simple, there is no way you can get a DUI when living sober. DUIs are one of the most expensive mistakes a person can make, and can be life changing not only for the person driving, but others as well. When making the commitment to being sober, you are actually also making the commitment to keeping yourself, and others, far safer than ever before.

Better Romantic Life

This is pretty self explanatory, but cutting out alcohol can actually help people perform better in bed. The depressive effect of booze leaves people far more numb, and connected less. When booze is cut out, people are able to connect far easier.

More energy

Once again, a subset of being healthier, but important to note. Actually having the energy to accomplish tasks will make your life brighter and more full than ever before. There will be less frustration from non completed tasks. Having the energy to go out and accomplish what you want is a powerful motivator to maintain an alcohol free life.

More Creativity

Having the feeling of being more creative is a great catalyst to maintaining a sober lifestyle. Oftentimes people get caught up using alcohol because they feel hopeless or worthless. Developing a skill for yourself is such a rewarding feeling and will be one of the most satisfying parts of your life in the future.

Fewer Accidents

Accidents happen when drinking, something as simple as breaking your phone or glasses can be a huge inconvenience. When sober, the frequency of these accidents will drop dramatically. One huge accident which diminishes significantly is the possibility of a DUI. Even tipsy driving is dangerous, sober living leads to more lives being safe.

Save Money

Going to the bar or simply buying booze from the store is expensive. All the money that is saved from no longer doing this can be used for way more exciting endeavors. Try and calculate how much you currently spend per week on booze, and related items such as cigarettes or other drugs.

Associated behaviors diminish

Many people will smoke or eat unhealthy food when drinking. Once you make the conscious decision to no longer drink, it is far easier to make the healthy choices to stop eating horribly or smoking.

Your life will become cleaner

Not only will your physical or mental body improve, but so will your environment. When drinking, many important maintenance projects go unfinished. After becoming sober, it is far easier to complete necessary cleanliness tasks. Coming home to an unclean environment is an easy way to look for an easy escape.

Self Love will grow

The best was saved for last. May people drink to escape from false views they have about themselves. This creates a negative feedback loop of seeing the mess that they are creating and wanting to escape from it the easiest way possible. Drinking reinforces negative paradigms about oneself. Once sobriety is chosen, it is far easier to connect with your true self and develop self love.

If you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol abuse, reach out to us at ecosoberhouse.com. We don’t have all the answers, but we have what you need to get started and a staff that wants to help you.

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