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Alcohol Detox – Safely Detoxing from Alcohol

As you might know, ethyl alcohol is broken down by liver enzymes into carbon dioxide, water, and other components safe for humans. However, a constant abuse of alcohol leads to the fact that the liver ceases to cope with the load, and the toxic decomposition products of ethyl begin to accumulate in organs and tissues, negatively affecting all vital functions of the body. Given this fact, alcohol addiction treatment always starts with alcohol detoxification.

Alcohol Detox – Safely Detoxing from Alcohol

Going through an alcohol detox process cannot be considered a cure for alcoholism. Since the craving for alcohol remains the same, and the dependent person will still be drawn to the use of alcoholic beverages. Detoxification of the body from alcohol toxins helps to normalize the individual’s condition and increases the effectiveness of the main drug and psychotherapeutic procedures in the treatment of alcohol dependence and alcoholism. Other positive outcomes of alcohol detoxification include:

  • Gentle elimination of toxins under professional supervision reduces potential harm to health.
  • Detoxification reduces psychological stress.
  • It allows one to overcome psychological barriers for further treatment and tune in to a long-term rehabilitation program.

How long does it take to detox from alcohol?

It is important to know that the detoxification process consists of several stages. First, a specialist examines the individual seeking help and collects all the information necessary for the treatment. The necessary tests are carried out to assess the physical condition and the level of danger. Next, comes the actual detoxification.

The constant use of alcohol inevitably leads to intoxication and physical dependence. If the intake of alcohol stops, the brain continues to work for a long time in a mode of increased stress. It is this hyper-state that causes the feeling of a hangover. During alcohol detox, a person will go through three stages of alcohol withdrawal symptoms from mild to severe. These levels are influenced by the following factors:

  • human genetic traits that may contain metabolic differences
  • the intensity of alcohol consumption
  • other individual characteristics such as body weight, gender, age, and even psychological state
  • abuse of other substances along with alcohol.

Alcohol Detox – Safely Detoxing from Alcohol

The body’s initial response to the alcohol detox can be traced by the appearance of the following symptoms:

  • anxiety
  • headache
  • increased sweating
  • nausea and vomiting
  • constant shaking of hands
  • insomnia.

These mild symptoms can appear after several hours of refusal to alcohol, then more serious consequences in the form of seizures and hallucinations can await 12 to 24 hours after the alcohol detoxification began. Moreover, the person may face a dangerous state of delirium tremens 48-72 hours after the last drink. Symptoms of this condition appear in only 5 percent of people, but they require special monitoring. The medical manifestations are as follows:

  • heart palpitations
  • appearance of hallucinations
  • heavy sweating
  • fever
  • increased blood pressure.

Some of the consequences of alcohol detox require increased attention from medical personnel, so inpatient rehabilitation is often the best choice if alcohol dependence is long-term and serious. Experienced doctors and consultants know exactly what to do to make one feel better every day, both physically and mentally. They will also be able to tell how long one needs to detox from alcohol based on the history of alcohol use and other factors.

The specialists who help people get free from alcohol dependence constantly remind individuals that alcohol detoxification is only the first step on a long road to sobriety. After detoxification, a person should undergo treatment according to individual needs and preferences. The professional staff at recovery centers can do everything possible to make one’s experience as positive as possible during this important stage of their life.

Alcohol Detox – Safely Detoxing from Alcohol

Alcohol detox at home

Alcohol intoxication and poisoning are always a danger to human health. It is not recommended to do detoxification yourself. A person who is far from medicine cannot really assess the degree of intoxication and the drugs necessary for treatment. Therefore, the best way to help a person to undergo a detoxification process is to call a doctor or another professional specializing in alcohol dependence treatment.

A specialist is able to diagnose the patient’s condition, paying attention not only to the physical signs of alcohol intoxication but also to the ability to adequately respond to what is happening, the presence of other diseases, and other factors that can affect the choice of the detoxification method and medications. If a doctor determines a mild degree of alcohol intoxication, the detoxification can be done at home based on the recommendations of the doctor or specialist from a drug treatment clinic.

Lifelong journey

No matter how long it takes to detox from alcohol, the detoxification is relatively short in comparison to the whole recovery and sobriety path. A long-term practice shows that being sober requires hard daily work from every person who has gone through addiction. As soon as one reaches a sober state, they will need to return to “real” life, which always has dozens of temptations. However, all the efforts will be rewarded many times over thanks to the new meaning of life.

Remember that every day you spend in sobriety is another day you have given yourself and all your loved ones. After all, communication with people you care about is an invaluable gift that you can give yourself very soon. Even if many years are lost, start with a clean slate. After all, this is the kind of life you deserve – meaningful and sober!

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