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10 Sobriety Gift Ideas

10 Sobriety Gift Ideas

People going through recovery or those helping others through recovery know that sobriety is not an easy thing to accomplish. Sobriety gifts are an ideal way to treat yourself or others through sobriety. These gifts do not need to be extravagant or expensive, simple tokens of recognition can have a powerful impact on the road to recovery.

What are Sobriety Gifts?

Sobriety Gifts are items to give yourself or loved ones going through recovery. Simple tokens or actions can make a difference in the sobriety journey. Gifts indicate that one recognizes the difficult path which sobriety poses. It is important to consider gifts which will keep either yourself or your loved one on the road to recovery. Sobriety gifts can be given any day, but it is especially important to recognize the day someone decided to get sober. Giving a sobriety gift on someone’s sobriety anniversary shows how much you recognize just how far they have come on their road to recovery. There are plenty of gifts to consider for these occasions. This article will list several favorite gifts which can be considered.

Sobriety Gift Suggestions


Some of the best gifts that can be given are simple yet meaningful. One of the best gifts to be given is a person’s time. Spending quality time with yourself or someone on the path of sobriety can be extremely important.

Trying a new hobby or just going somewhere special can make a world of difference. Look up somewhere interesting near you, a national or state park, a local beach, or just somewhere quiet. Try going somewhere that is out in nature, maybe somewhere that is new to you. Spending time out in nature revitalizes the human spirit. Many problems can be associated with the modern age.

Our minds have truly not adapted or evolved at the same rate which technology has developed. Stepping away from stressors or electrical stimulation can recenter people back towards peace. Even just having a phone call for a little bit of time could be a great way to show how much someone means to you.

A Journal

A journal is a great sobriety gift, allowing those who are on their journey to document what they are going through, or write about plans for the future. One of the key aspects of addiction is trying to escape from reality, using a journal can help keep one more grounded. Writing simultaneously helps you escape for a moment, but also shows the progress made on this journey.

A great aspect of the journal is that it can be used anytime or anywhere. Finding a personalized journal makes it even more likely for someone to write in it, and there are plenty of ways to find one perfect for any individual. Spending time writing together is also a great activity to keep the mind occupied and stimulated, which will help keep one away from using substances. Looking back at the growth from the past years can help motivate you towards the future.

Exercise class pass/ Equipment

Trying a new class either yourself or with a loved one is a great way to expand not only your physical capacity, but also is a great way to improve your mental functioning as well. Yoga is a perfect example of this. Doing a sequenced flow of yoga puts you through a semi difficult pattern of movements that not only stretches out your body, but relaxes your mind by keeping it focused on a singular task.

Another great option is trying a martial arts class. Training in martial arts keeps one mind exceptionally sharp. Being in a place where everyone is trying to raise each other to the next level is a great place for a sober individual to grow.

One last option is joining a local rock climbing gym. Rock climbing is a great way to not only workout your body, but also your mind. All of these communities are exceptionally welcoming and enjoy having new members get excited about joining.

Looking for a class that excites you is important, but just trying something new a few times is imperative. It is easy to get frustrated with many classes after the first exposure, give yourself time to truly delve deeper in the practice and see if it can work for you. The most important thing to keep in mind is every activity is not for everyone, but everyone can find an activity for them.

Equipment for an activity someone enjoys doing is another great option. Gear for many sports is rather expensive, and simply getting one or two items can make a difference for people to be more involved. Something as simple as a yoga mat can be an item to consider.

Try a creative class/ get creative supplies

A creative class is another avenue which could be very beneficial to keeping on the path of sobriety. Injuries happen so having an outlet that is not physical is a great way to maintain the brain. There are so many different avenues to being creative, and so many different ways to take classes.

One of the easiest and most available is simply learning a new skill from videos online. There are plenty of people on the internet that enjoy posting their creative content and teaching others to be creative as well. If this is not for you, joining a class at a local community college or adult education program is another great way to join in creative endeavors.

If a class is not right for you, getting supplies is a great way to encourage creativity. Markers, drawing paper, painting supplies, whittling supplies, anything used for creativity can be an option. Sometimes the biggest hurdle to overcome when starting a creative endeavor is having the tools to begin. Not getting frustrated with your progress or having expectations is also extremely important when using these creative outlets.

Do not put pressure or expectations towards the outcome of the project. Simply having a medium to express oneself is a great way to relieve stress and tap into a different aspect of your mind which drugs or alcohol may have overshadowed.

10 Sobriety Gift Ideas

Sober dinner

Going out for a good meal is a great way to celebrate sobriety as well. Spending time dressed up at a nice restaurant feels exceptionally special and let’s whoever you are celebrating know just how much their sobriety means to you.

Even if going to a fast food chain, making note of the special meaning to one another can be exceptionally powerful. Simply talking or thinking about the journey that you or your loved one has been on will make the time be even more special.

Though an option, the meal does not need to be extravagant or even bought at a restaurant. Just having a wonderful meal with loved ones is a great experience to celebrate the path being traversed. It could be cooked up for your loved one, or cooked together having fun and a delicious meal. Even an easy barbeque is a great option, having friends over celebrating sobriety together. The simple act of sharing a meal and memories is what is most important

Book of affirmations

Choosing a sober life can be difficult at times. Having a book of affirmations is a great tool for you or loved ones to look at and find motivation to keep on the right path. There are many different books which can be helpful on the path of recovery. Having books that are written by other sober individuals is always a great place to start.

There are many different authors who have similar, yet separate perspectives of the journey of sobriety. Some books are simply written in the classic novel approach, but a great option is daily affirmations. Having a book which can be turned to each day for guidance or inspiration is a great way to stay on the right path.

Books which have helped many individuals in the past are written in such a way that each date has a paragraph associated with it. Meditating on each passage throughout the day can help one get through difficulties with a bit more ease.

Henna tattoo tube

A different idea is getting a henna tube. Henna is an extremely ancient practice and can actually be very cathartic to use. The practice dates back over 5000 years and was even used in ancient Egypt to adorn pharaohs being mummified. It stains only the epidermis of the skin and will be gone in less than two weeks.

The great thing about henna, other than the creative ability, is that it is not permanent. Having something that is not as permanent as a tattoo, but that can stay on the body for an extended amount of time is a great form of expression. Also, if someone is interested in getting an actual tattoo, henna is a great option to try out and see if the tattoo they are interested in will actually bring them joy in life, not future regret.

Go see a concert

A great way to celebrate sobriety is going to a concert that you or a loved one enjoy. Having an experience at a live music event is a great way to celebrate sobriety. The feeling of amplified music and being around people in a stoked common mindset releases so much dopamine, it is a natural high. Dancing in amplified sound sends vibrations pulsating throughout your body and can make nearly anyone excited.

An important thing to keep in mind though is that there is a closer proximity to temptation at many concerts. Having a group of people with you that encourage sobriety is a good way to ensure sobriety is continually chosen. Some people feel they can not have a good time at a concert without substances, but this just is not the case.

Handmade memento

An awesome way to show how impressed you are with someone’s sobriety journey is through a handmade craft or a personalized letter. There are many tutorials on how to make easy wire wrapped jewelry pieces, and even something simple can be extremely important to someone.

Finding stones or gems either out in nature or at a shop is also a great activity that can be done. Wrapping found items together completes the activity and who knows, maybe one day you can make money from it.

Even a hand written poem or letter can have a deep impact for those it is intended for. There is no expectation for someone to be a master writer for their words to have a lasting impression. The mere fact someone is willing to sit down and write out anything is extremely moving.

House Plants

Plants are a great gift for people on their sobriety journey. Plants need love and care, and will actively encourage those on their sobriety journey to be active in the plant’s life. Also, a house plant neglected can help be a reminder or sign that a relapse is either imminent or happening.

Having life and an abundance of colors around always boosts people’s mood. There are plenty of options for plants that need very little maintenance. One of people’s favorite options is a money tree. Supposedly, it is good luck to have in your home, bringing riches to those who have it.

There are so many different gifts that can be given to celebrate sobriety. The most important thing to remember is that some gifts can be a trigger for some people but not others. Being aware of which gifts to give is important for those on the road to recovery.

This is obviously not an exhaustive list, but it should be considered when Hopefully this list can help you narrow down the best option for yourself or someone important in your life.

If you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol abuse and don’t know where to turn, reach out to us at ecosoberhouse.com. We have the resources and ability to meet you where you’re at and get you the help that you need.

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