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3 changes to make your home more environmentally friendly

3 changes to make your home more environmentally friendly

Our home is what we make of it – so the saying goes. Learning to take care of it in the best way possible is the next step in fully realizing what it means to have a life worth living here. While some things might seem insignificant, and one person’s actions might not seem like a lot in the long run – that’s simply not true. You can make a difference – learn what small steps you can take to change the world around you.

Make Your Home an Environmentally Friendly Environment

Especially now, our homes have become our main living places. The recent Covid-19 pandemic has made 2020 and parts of 2021 the years where we realize just how important our homes are to us and how to make them the most comfortable, best living spaces, etc.

But how do you make your home more environmentally friendly? With all that extra time spent in-house, it’s important to realize what small steps you can take to make your place have an external impact on the rest of the world.

While they certainly aren’t the largest contributors, they still make an impact. Here’s just a couple small things you can do to make your home eco friendly.

Solar Panels

One of the easiest (but costly) ways to do this is solar panels. Solar electricity is the future, scientists have estimated that a solar farm 496,805 square km large could power the entire world in the year 2030. While that seems like a huge number, the fact that it would be powering the entire world is a grand concept to think about.

The question is: why haven’t we done it yet?

This can be explained by many different things – the costs alone amount to most peoples’ concerns. The overarching cost of something and lack of resources is another – we as a species have what it takes to make this happen. It starts with you and me, let’s make a change if we can.

Battery Packs

Solar energy is a complicated process, without battery packs to store it, much of the energy can be lost. On top of that, if someone’s house is completely solar and without large enough battery packs, they can go without power for some time during the night. While that might be okay for some climates, there are certainly places in the world where that’s just not ideal.

Battery packs will allow solar generators to really get the most out of what they’re reaping. With a whole neighborhood of battery pack systems, it’s not unreasonable to imagine an entire decentralized energy grid from neighborhood to neighborhood in the near future. Take the first step and be part of this movement today.

Low Energy Appliances

Many families use old appliances that are not fit for today’s low-energy consumption world. While the initial waste that people will generate by upgrading all of their old appliances, the ends will justify the initial increase in landfill mass.

Frugality and energy consciousness need to work hand in hand in our world. While nobody likes being wasteful, and there’s certainly an understanding that if it works, there’s no reason to fix it, we must still take everything into consideration when we look to the future. Low energy appliances are built to last and make our world last. Take a look in your stores and see exactly what you can improve today.

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