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Is Alcohol Good for You? Benefits and Risks

Is Alcohol Good for You? Benefits and Risks

Is Alcohol Good for You? Benefits and Risks -Eco Sober Houses

Are there any advantages to alcohol? Is alcohol good for you? What is it? Alcohol in its pure form is ethyl alcohol. It can be obtained from any sugar by fermentation. Ethanol is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, in just 5-10 minutes, and instantly affects the nervous system. Usually, people like this state – they feel confident, easy, and comfortable. Alcohol provokes a false feeling of happiness. All problems fade into the background, and it seems that you can fully enjoy life.

At the same time, one should not forget that alcohol is a narcotic substance. Its use in any case is associated with great risks. Despite the benefits of alcohol, more and more people seek help from specialists in order to get free of alcohol addiction.

Not everyone tolerates drinking alcohol the same way. One will have fun, and the other will go to the hospital with severe intoxication. How a person reacts to alcohol depends on a number of factors, such as age, gender, race or ethnicity, physical condition (heavier people can “digest” more alcohol), how much food they eat before drinking, how often a person drinks alcohol, medicationы, the presence of acute and/or chronic diseases.

Let’s review some of the benefits of alcohol as well as risks associated with its use. Then, you can decide on your own: “Is alcohol good for you or not?”.

Alcohol Benefits

Relaxes and relieves stress

Drinking alcoholic beverages in moderation can help relieve stress and relax. Of course, this is just a couple of glasses of wine or a glass of another strong drink. When combined with delicious, nutritious food, alcohol will really take away the stress and symptoms of chronic fatigue. It is important to know when to stop and stop at the recommended dose.

Is Alcohol Good for You? Benefits and Risks

Brings together

Alcohol brings together a large company. If you are in a company with people you see for the first time in your life, then you cannot do without awkwardness and prolonged pauses. To avoid them, to establish warm friendships between guests, and create a cheerful atmosphere, you can resort to the help of alcohol. It is not at all necessary to arrange an alcohol marathon. After a glass of wine, everyone will feel more comfortable.

French paradox

Everyone knows the so-called French paradox. The French eat plenty of high-calorie food, wash it down with wine, and rarely suffer from diseases of the cardiovascular system. Numerous studies have confirmed that alcohol prevents some types of fat, which cause atherosclerosis and most heart attacks, from accumulating in blood vessels. Alcohol in the blood increases the amount of high-density lipoproteins, which remove “bad” cholesterol from the body, thereby clearing the coronary vessels of dangerous deposits.

Of all alcoholic beverages, the best heart medicine is red wine, and that is what the French love most. The anti-cholesterol effect of alcohol is combined with the medicinal properties of red grapes, whose juice prevents blood clots no worse than aspirin. Moderate alcohol consumption, especially dry red wine, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by 50%. However, it is important not to overdo it because alcohol also increases blood pressure, which, on the contrary, can be the cause of such ailments. There is still debate about the miraculous effect of wine, but the fact remains: dry red wine in moderation is really good for the body.

Good for the brain

According to some researchers, alcohol in moderate doses can improve brain function. If a person drinks alcohol wisely, then the risk of getting Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s disease becomes lower.

Lowers risk of diabetes

There is quite compelling evidence that moderate alcohol consumption is associated with a reduced risk of developing diabetes. For most people who already have diabetes, alcohol is not contraindicated, but this should be discussed individually with your doctor. At the same time, prolonged, systematic, excessive alcohol consumption reduces the overall effectiveness of insulin, which leads to an increase in blood glucose levels. Many individuals with alcoholic liver disease also have either reduced glucose tolerance or diabetes.

Alcohol Negative Consequences

Leads to liver cirrhosis

Drinking alcohol in large amounts leads to the dysfunction of many organs. It is the liver that suffers the most. Alcohol abuse can lead to terrible consequences. For example, cause cirrhosis of the liver. This process means that healthy liver cells die and are replaced by fibrous tissue. As a result, this organ can no longer fulfill its functions.

Causes a hangover

After drinking alcohol, an individual is likely to experience hangover symptoms. There is nothing pleasant about this. You fall out of your usual rhythm for the whole day and try to cope with hangover symptoms. These are dehydration, a headache, nausea, problems with the digestive system, and others. Making such sacrifices for the sake of alcohol is not entirely wise.

Is Alcohol Good for You? Benefits and Risks

Negatively affects digestion

Alcohol negatively affects the functioning of the digestive system. This is due to the intoxication of the body, which can lead to even deathly consequences. Dehydration also contributes to the fact that metabolic processes are disrupted, and metabolism slows down. Therefore, try to drink enough clean drinking water while drinking alcohol.

Leads to alcohol dependence

Alcohol is no different from drugs. It subtly causes addiction. If you are used to relieving stress not with the help of sports and an active lifestyle, but with alcohol, then it will soon seem that this is the only solution to all problems. This opinion is fundamentally wrong. This is how addiction usually develops, which can become the cause of alcoholism.

Worsens physical appearance

If you abuse alcohol, then be prepared for the fact that your appearance will soon cease to please you. Dark circles and bags under the eyes, dull skin, red eyes, and a sunken appearance are guaranteed even if you just drink every weekend. It’s just a matter of time.

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