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Eco Sober House Is Now Among MASH Sober Living Home

Eco Sober House Is Now Among MASH Sober Living Home

Recovery from alcohol use or abuse is a journey. This journey involves a transition to sober living and coping with daily life after recovery. Usually, people find it quite hard to stay on track. This is where sober houses come in.

Sober houses are designed to give physical and emotional support to recovering alcoholics. Without these facilities, a sober house may be unable to offer much-needed assistance. Therefore, the Massachusetts Alliance for Sober Housing (MASH) ensures that these houses provide good help for recovery.

In general, MASH-certified sober houses provide a comfortable environment for recovery, and Eco Sober House is one such place.

Eco Sober House Is Now Among MASH Sober Living Home

What is MASH?

The Massachusetts Alliance for Sober Houses is an association that encourages the operation of community-based sober houses. Such houses operate in home-like environments. When a sober house gets a MASH certification, it’s a mark of its credibility. This is because MASH ensures accountability from such homes. Once certified, the sober house joins a network connected to the National Association of Recovery Residences. Also, state agencies only recommend certified homes to patients.

What Should You Expect from MASH Sober Living?

When in recovery, a person needs all the help they can get. So, MASH sober living guarantees a place to live with comfortable rooms and bathrooms. You will also have a peer-based environment that encourages you to stay away from alcohol. The goal is to provide as much support as possible for a successful recovery.

Eco Sober House is Now MASH-Certified

Eco Sober House is now a MASH-certified Sober living home. Here, you will find a brotherhood of equals, and our goal is to empower our residents for life-long recovery. We understand that comfort is vital for a sense of belonging. So, we provide comfortable accommodations and a nurturing environment.

Eco Sober Houses are designed to address physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. So, we offer an all-encompassing program and counseling, with a guarantee of employment for all successful participants. We have all the necessary facilities in place to help you build good relationships and rejoin society as a better version of yourself.


Are you looking to start your recovery journey or do you have a loved one who is? Then, ecosoberhouse.com is just the place for you. Our community provides comfort and guidance for anyone on the journey to sobriety. Feel free to reach out to us.

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