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Vitamins to Take When Recovering from Alcoholism

Vitamins to Take When Recovering from Alcoholism

Some substances help to return to normal life during the treatment of alcoholism quickly. These include supplements, multivitamin complexes and vitamins B1, B6, and C. Alcohol consumption causes numerous disorders of the internal organs of a person. Alcohol or drug addiction contributes to the rapid leaching of all valuable compounds from the body. Therefore, it is necessary to use vitamins for recovering alcoholics and minerals to alleviate the condition.

The impact of alcohol

People who have been drinking alcoholic beverages lack whole groups of microelements. It is especially true of vitamin B12, which is washed out even with a small dose of alcohol. Without saturating the body with nutrients, it is impossible to lead a whole life of a healthy person.

All B vitamins are subject to active excretion when alcohol enters the body. Alcohol also contributes to the rapid removal of ascorbic acid from the body. The vitamin is essential to preserve the strength of the skeletal system and the maintenance of immune functions.

Metabolic disorders always accompany alcoholism. Having received alcohol poisoning, the body spends the principal reserves on its recovery. The primary role in the process is vitamins from group B, which activates digestion and the breakdown of ethanol.

Vitamins to Take When Recovering from Alcoholism

What vitamins are effective

Because of its rich composition, multivitamin preparations are relevant in terms of alcoholism treatment. Of the many components that make up their composition, substances from group B become truly useful. This type of vitamin is actively involved in the breakdown of ethanol. If a person receives thiamine (B1) or pyridoxine (B6) in liquid form and undergoes a standard detox procedure, it is often enough to treat alcoholism effectively. Vitamin B6 helps:

  • accelerate the processing of alcohol;
  • support the liver;
  • restore performance;
  • remove intoxication;
  • provide anti-inflammatory and immunostimulating effect;
  • avoid the development of depression trembling of the lower and upper extremities.

However, other vitamins for recovering alcoholics help in the treatment of alcoholism. Vitamin D3 is one of the most effective vitamins when recovering from depression. To alcoholics, vitamin D3 deficiency is often the underlying cause of depression, which lingers for months or even years after cessation. Magnesium — promotes relaxation, sleep, and the functioning of the nervous system. It is the base substance, which should go at the beginning of the list. Zinc restores the immune system and hormonal balance after alcoholism. Vitamin C ensures the ordinary course of carbohydrate metabolism, the entire functioning of the liver, the active synthesis of proteins and hormones, which makes it possible to process and remove alcohol in an accelerated mode.

To start a new life without alcohol, it is worth starting small — it is worth visiting rehab ecosoberhouse.com to understand how important it is to stay sober and get therapy. Contact specialists who know how to help in a specific situation. Don’t put off alcohol problems and any symptoms until later — take small steps towards your recovery.

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