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Sobriety Can Suck, But Things Will Get Better

Sobriety Can Suck, But Things Will Get Better

Alcoholism is a debilitating condition which affects you and every person you know. Friends and loved ones are especially susceptible to the harmful effects of alcoholism. It’s easy to promise yourself to stop drinking constantly, but it’s much harder to take the initiative to stop drinking and sober up.

A sober life is a natural way of life of a person, which is laid down by nature. Alcohol use is imposed by society and constant advertising. Without alcohol, a person can be happy while not losing his sanity. After all, alcohol intoxication creates the illusion everything is okay in life, and after sobering up, awareness of reality comes. Sometimes it seems that staying sober is detrimental and exhausting and that sobriety sucks, but don’t be pessimistic. It is the beginning of a new life, and it is not easy.

The danger of returning to the alcoholic path

Alcoholic lifestyle as an antipode of a healthy lifestyle is one of the most critical factors leading to premature death. This evil affects all systems and organs of the human body without missing a single cell. A person who consumes alcohol should initially be aware of the consequences. A person must understand the processes in his body while drinking alcoholic beverages. Such knowledge is of great preventive value. It must be remembered alcoholism is a disease which is very easy to get sick. But getting rid of this disease is much more complicated than it might seem. It is vital to take care of yourself, your health and feelings.

Dangers on the further path of recovery

After some time, sobriety, healthy life with alcohol detox fade into the background during treatment and people begin to think that sobriety sucks. Material goods begin to occupy the initial place in the system of values. It seems to a person that he was able to finally part with addiction. He begins to skip meetings, pays more and more attention to the pursuit of material values, sacrificing spirituality and self-development. As a result, alcohol addiction again reminds of itself. It is vital to remember the most significant matter in recovery is a sober life.

One of the reasons to return to use is boredom. To avoid this threat, it is necessary not to stop there, set new goals, and devote time to personal development. A considerable number of breakdowns during treatment occur during a period of stressful situations, in particular, quarrels and partings with loved ones. Do not think addiction rehab automatically guarantees a long and healthy relationship with a partner. The interaction of people also implies periods of crisis. It is important to remember it and not to allow the commission of specific actions under the influence of impulses.

Sobriety Can Suck, But Things Will Get Better

Finding the Blessings of Sobriety

The primary task of recovery is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and dispel the myth that sobriety sucks. There are some actionable tips:

  • Try to feel hungry as little as possible. On an empty stomach, thoughts about alcohol and the desire to drink will roll even stronger.
  • When there is intense thirst and a wild hunger to consume, drink plenty of fluids, as long as it is non-alcoholic. Water, juices, drinks, tea, coffee — all this perfectly satisfies your body’s fluid needs.
  • In drinking alcohol, vitamin B was partially destroyed in the body. Make up for its deficiency.
  • For a long time of alcohol addiction, the functions of your body have been impaired, and it would be nice to undergo a general examination. Try to walk more, be in the fresh air and lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • When you are very thirsty, you should distract yourself from these thoughts: shine your shoes, iron your clothes, take a bath, take care of your appearance, fix the kitchen faucet, listen to music, ride a bicycle — everyone can find something to their liking.
  • Avoid loneliness. Meet friends who lead a sober lifestyle. Feel free to call them to keep from the first drink, discuss the events of the day, and let them know everything is fine. Perhaps they need the call as much as you do.

Benefits of sobriety

Sobriety is the norm to every reasonable person who wants to go through recovery and live life in his way and not under the influence of various intoxicating substances. Numerous people in recovery believe that sobriety sucks but they are wrong.

A person who does not drink is distinguished by good logical thinking, memory, and intelligence and has various talents and abilities since alcohol does not kill his brain. Sober people achieve great success and realize themselves in the profession. The personal life of a person after treatment is well-established. He does not have an extra reason to scandal because of alcohol because he always behaves adequately. In addition, children who grew up in such families look at the experience of their parents and try to imitate them, becoming adults.

Sobriety has a lot of benefits which can’t be compared to the fleeting happiness and fun of drinking alcohol. So why is it so challenging to people to realize this and move on to the sober side of life? It often happens because a person does not know how to rest and relax differently. You get rid of such psychological dependence by realizing all the advantages of a sober life, namely:

  • In any situation, you think soberly and control your actions. And it will help to avoid unpleasant situations. You shouldn’t be ashamed of your behavior at the party.
  • A sober lifestyle is a way to elite society, an opportunity to meet interesting people.
  • Sobriety is freedom. A person does not depend on artificially created happiness simulators, which first fill him with happiness and then drive him into a deep depression, from which you get out only with the help of these drugs.
  • Sobriety is an opportunity to have healthy children and provide them with a happy future. Children always take an example from their parents and inherit their way of life. It must always be remembered when the hand reaches for alcohol. If parents set a bad example, the children will adopt all the bad habits, and they will not see a promising future.

Motivation search

An excellent way to find additional motivation to change your drinking habits is to write down the pros and cons of your current use on one sheet of paper. On the other, the pros and cons of the one that will arise if you reduce or stop drinking altogether. Keeping notes helps you sort through your thoughts, and you often pick up on nuances you might otherwise have missed.

The reasons for drinking alcohol and the motivation to reduce drinking differ for everyone. While there are many benefits to reducing alcohol consumption, it also has its downsides: alcohol is something that is difficult or must be given up. It would be good to think in advance of potential difficulties and prepare as best as possible for them.

Summing Up

At first glance, it may seem to some that a sober life is boring, ordinary gray everyday life and that sobriety sucks. But this is not so — advertisements, programs, films impose stereotypes. Don’t believe everything they say — listen to your heart and the voice of reason. If great people listened to what was being imposed on them, there would be no progress in various areas of life.

Working on yourself is always hard work. Of course, it is easier to give up, come to terms with your way of life. But once you tell yourself to stop ruining your life. Even small steps bring results. You can visit ecosoberhouse.com, where professionals help you understand how important it is to stay sober. Ask for help, make an appointment, and the friendly managers of the center will help you.

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