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Five Reasons Not to Drink After Work

Five Reasons Not to Drink After Work

A little glass of wine to relax, a quick beer after work to cut the edge, a shot or two to get your mind off of things. All things said in the moment that seem like acceptable reasons to have a drink at the end of your long day.

But what if these “harmless” phrases and thoughtless drinking was actually a lot more sinister than you ever would have thought? Today we will look at five reasons that you should take a second thought before you take your first drink at the end of the day.

1. Creating a Negative Routine

Having a drink every day after work is a quick way to create a routine that will be hard to break down the line. You will quickly find that your body will be craving this drink whether you want it, think you need it, or not.

This negative routine could keep you from so many things. Maybe your work friends want to go out and do some fun activities after work that don’t involve drinking. If that is the case, your addiction might keep you from having a good time and from keeping you sober.

Even if you think you can quit right away and that it’s really just for “those stressful days” – those days come more and more frequently in some seasons and you might find you’re in a position that you never thought you’d be in.

2. Lower Overall Income From Work

Alcohol is expensive. A nightly habit will quickly drum up quite the price tag, and you’d find that much of that cash that you’ve earned is not going to things that you even want to spend it on.

This can create a negative feedback loop, as dissatisfaction from work and dissatisfaction from your paycheck will lead to more and more stressful days that warrant your “once in a while” drinking. It’s easy to imagine how one could spiral from this point. Save your money, health and work by not keeping it always on hand.

Five Reasons Not to Drink After Work

3. Losing Track of Drinking

Turning drinking into a nightly habit will quickly build a tolerance to alcohol. With this tolerance, someone that’s just beginning their drinking problem might find that they don’t just need one drink after their job, but maybe they need two just to feel alright. The second will be followed by a third in a matter of days, and within weeks the individual could have a full-blown problem.

This is one of the major problems with nightly drinking. If one does it to experience a specific feeling of relief after work, that feeling will always be further and further away the next night after one with drinking before it.

If one feels that they are starting to become addicted to alcohol, they might look to start reducing their intake. If they feel like they can’t reduce their drinking without just going for that extra drink at the end of the night, it’s time to pull all the stops. Quit cold turkey for an extended period of time and really ensure that you aren’t dependent on something that has ruined so many people’s lives.

4. Learning To Deal With Stress in an Unhealthy Way

Drinking at the end of the day to deal with a stressful work day will teach your body to want something that it shouldn’t in stressful situations. Later, when you’re not at the end of the day and you encounter a rather stressful situation, you might find yourself craving that relief that you’ve trained your body for.

Without it, you will find yourself drowning in more stress than your body knows what to deal with. With it, you won’t face the situation that you need to deal with at the moment and you’ll find that you’re not performing at your best. Drowning your problems in alcohol seems like a reasonable solution at the moment, but the next morning, you’ll only find that your problems have extended their deadlines and you’re still just as behind as you were the night before.

5. Lower Performance at Work

Drinking every night will lead to regular hangovers, regular slowing down of your natural brain processes, and many other negative things. The lower performance at your work will absolutely create more stress for you to deal with, likely increasing the chances that you want to drink after work.

This is another trap that one can easily fall into, creating another negative feedback loop that will cause you to want to drink more and consequently work worse.

All five of these things are more than habits to be wary of, if you think that you are at risk of falling to drinking, there’s never an excuse good enough to sacrifice your overall health. Make sure you take care of yourself first, and keep a healthy distance and respect for alcohol.

If you or you know someone that is an alcoholic or becoming one, take the time to reach out to them in love and ask them if they’re doing alright. If there is an addiction forming or already formed, reach out to us at ecosoberhouse.com. We have the tools and the desire to help those that we can. Your health and sobriety should be something that you hold above many other things. Don’t wait the extra day – call or reach out today.

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