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What difference between a sober house and a halfway house?

What difference between a sober house and a halfway house?

A sober living home is a step in the evolution of caring for people with alcohol issues, starting with Alcoholics Anonymous. In Alcoholics Anonymous, people only came to the meetings, no one asked their real name, but they only told their stories and discussed them.

Halfway house as a half-measure

The halfway house is really a semi-measure in living a sober lifestyle. A variety of people with very different backgrounds, styles of thinking and behavior, age and gender come to the halfway house to live there temporarily. They are not only recovering after alcohol issues, but also drug abuse, prison, and homeless life.

Every time, it takes a lot of stress in order to understand and get along with your roommates in halfway houses. You have to test and process your environment in these institutions a lot longer. Too much complexity and stress give a lot of relapses.

Matter of the community structure at the sober house

The sober living home appeared with the understanding that activity is essential to change habits and feel better. It is where a person is not standing at the dead end, but seeks and finds a solution. Every rewarding activity at the sober house directs residents to see many opportunities and feel better.

People of the same age and the same sex temporarily live in sober houses in order to reduce the stress of misunderstanding and work specifically on changing the lifestyle and developing useful skills.

Eco Sober House – how it works

What does a person need to live soberly? A person needs to know:

  • who he or she is
  • what dream life and dream activity he or she wants
  • how to get along soberly with other people
  • how to work out ways of self-improvement
  • how to be successful.

It has been customary for people to do all this in their families. The twentieth century has changed things. Now, one becomes a part of a family-like community: they sincerely ask each other “how are you?” in the morning, offer warm compassion, and attention.

A sober house is a homely living space where people communicate as if they were an extended family. It’s a fraternal community where people are encouraged to support the best in one another.

Lack of warm attention, isn’t this what made people turn to alcohol in the first place? Therefore, the sober house community will want everyone to think about their talent and how to develop it. The members, for instance, are encouraged to write a resume about one’s best skills and competencies to find a job.

The ECO Sober House activity structure also aims to provide feedback on everyone’s social skills. There are many activities for this, like:

  • team games, such as basketball
  • hiking
  • swimming
  • cooking
  • having breakfast together
  • cleaning.

Everyone can hear kind words, gain understanding, and rejoice together normally, instead of being stuck at the dead end.

The difference between a sober house and a halfway house

When it comes to a halfway house vs sober house, residents of halfway homes only have a bed, a bathroom, and a kitchen. Since, again, there are people with different backgrounds and different ages, there are too many differences to build common ground and get along with each other.

The main problem pointed out by many who lived in a halfway house is little or no opportunity to focus on solving their personal developmental problems with the enormous pressure of requirements to comply with, both inside and outside of the house.

Which one is really better?

When people want to start a new life, there is a price for everything. Both the halfway house and the sober house require payment, but it may vary. Some people have to pay rent in the halfway house, while for some people it is easier because there is insurance, government programs, sponsors, and donations that cover the cost.

Rent in the halfway house is said to be $100-200/week. There may be a 12-step program (as employed in AA), general meetings in the mornings and evenings. However, the rest is everyone’s personal concern. The halfway house is rather like a dormitory. Many ex-residents say these are more harmful than helpful.

A sober house is designed to work through trauma and practice new habits of feeling better about making sober decisions. In the last decades, relapse occurred in about 90% in the first year of recovery in halfway houses, sober homes try to decrease this number.

When people return to their normal lives with family and friends, they get to fight for their new life. So, the sober house allows them to get prepared by encouraging residents to support one another. That is the main difference between the sober house and halfway house.

People don’t want to go back to their old lives, and so they receive help in sober houses. They are given support from the community, healthy activities designed to replace the old harmful habits, and more while staying sober. Therefore, productive activity is what gives real healing and life change. There is no micromanagement, it leaves room for honesty.

So, the difference between the sober house and halfway house is about improving life rather than making money. Find out more by contacting one of them.

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