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Goodbye Letter Addressed to Alcohol

Goodbye Letter Addressed to Alcohol

There are a lot of actions to take when trying to do away with addiction but writing a goodbye letter is one of the greatest ways to hasten the process of terminating your addiction. When writing a good addiction letter, be honest with yourself. Focus on why you need to get clean and meditate on recovery. Set some goals to achieve, and write down the steps you would take to achieve those goals.

Once you start rehabilitation on your addiction, writing a letter will constantly remind you of why you need to let go of the past.

Example of Goodbye Letter to Alcohol

Dear friend, alcohol! Together, you and I have had a long lost journey these past few years. Though I’m afraid, it hasn’t been the most pleasant walk. This is why I am writing you this letter to let you know you and I will no longer continue in the lethal relationship you had caged me in for so long.

I used to think my relationship with you could bring me pleasure and enjoyment every time I needed you. It didn’t turn out to be the case, as I have had countless setbacks in both my personal and social life due to your harmful influence.

Although there were times when I needed something to cool off with at the end of each day, you were always there for me. It’s hard to forget how you were always by my side, filling my cup and draining into my belly. You were there when I went through emotional trauma at high school. You, alcohol, made so many promises to me. Constantly reassuring me you could ease all my pains. And no matter what happened during the day, I always had my alcohol to go back to at night.

Prior to your arrival in my life, I was warned from time to time. People told me you were going to do me a lot of harm. My parents warned me about you and told me you would turn me into something else. Of course, I didn’t listen, and I never heeded their advice. I was so naïve, and I chose to try you out.

Despite witnessing how you turned our gatekeeper into a jaded alcoholic, I still could not read the writing on the wall. I recall how you were introduced to me on my 16th birthday by my friends. “You will get so good after a sip,” they said. I had you on my lips the first time, and right there, I had the whole cup. From there, I was eager to try more. Of course, I had you from time to time, and you always made me feel brave and agile.

Our relationship took away my pains and worries — at least I was drunk enough to think you did. And I fell in love with you. You were the one I always run to every night when I’m down, and I became obsessed with you. I could hardly go a few hours without taking you down my throat. I was fearless altogether. I was so caught up in the constant drinking. I couldn’t see the addiction you had brought upon my life.

Goodbye Letter Addressed to Alcohol

Everything felt so good until they were not! I started getting into trouble. Though I quit you for a year and a half, you never stopped calling me back. I eventually fell for all your temptations, and there on, reincarnated our controversial relationship.

There were other moments when I thought things were starting to turn around. I was beginning to squirm away from your tyrannical grasp. You turned out to be vengeful, as you did everything you could to entice me. I tried to write you a break up letter at times, but I always ended up drowning in hooch before I could even begin the letter. From there on I couldn’t get away from you no matter how hard I tried. You became part of me all through my college days and as it happens even now in my adult life.

Although you seem to deceive me into thinking that our relationship makes everything better, deep down, I always knew you were a problem in my life. I allowed you the time and space in my world. You continually grew into something else and became part of my identity. Even in my personal life, you tricked me into thinking you were the only person who cared about me. You never let me make new friends, and you eventually destroyed my personal relationship with others. You, alcohol, prevented me from being myself. You became the most difficult relationship I ever had. You took more than you were giving. Even though, in an actual sense, you do not provide any benefit at all. I have no other choice but to let you go.

Since I left you behind, my life has been better. It feels fantastic to be able to make correct and accurate decisions. You, alcohol, will no longer get to influence me in any way. All your deceptive plots to lure me back into drinking are no longer effective. I now know how you get into people’s lives and begin to manipulate them in several ways. Everything ended when I realized you would only do me more harm than good. It will no longer work with me as I have denounced our relationship, and so will it be forever.

I have always wanted to terminate this relationship and write you this goodbye letter. More so, I do not just learn to cast you away. I am now mastering the technique of helping others discover themselves. I will continue to help others who were once into alcohol addiction like me to get back their life on track.

Going forward, without you, I’m much better. I’m capable of far more than I ever imagined. I have a strong will and can have truthful conversations with myself about past life and plans for future. I’m having the best time of my life. I can now make friends, discover myself and do what makes me grow. I can now return to the life and people I once left behind because of you.

So, my dear alcohol, the time has come to bid you goodbye. You and I never get along, and we probably never will. I’m relieved to let you know I’ve reclaimed control of my life and surrounded myself with people who only want what’s best for me. Indeed, I’m writing this letter with mixed feelings, but I know it is the best decision. I’ll finally be able to become the person I’ve always wanted to be without you holding me back.

This would be my final farewell then. I forgive you for every damage you did to me. But we won’t be friends again. I now see clearly that you do not have anything good to offer me. This letter is the end of our toxic relationship. You won’t ever have me again.

Benefits of a Goodbye Letter

There are many benefits to writing a goodbye letter. A goodbye letter to alcohol will help you speed up the recovery process and decrease your addiction’s grip on you. It will give you the closure you want and help you create a better version of your future self.

To get away from alcohol addiction, visit an addiction recovery center. Ecosoberhouse.com has the facilities and the right community to help you get away from addiction. It is a community where people get help and help others. The sobriety center aims to improve the lives of those who have been involved with alcohol and other types of substance abuse.

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