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Addiction recovery and treatment blog

Fetal alcohol syndrome: Symptoms and causes

Even if it is true that a glass of wine is not harmful and perhaps even beneficial to the mother, it is extremely dangerous for a fetus. There is no evidence that any level of alcohol is safe for...

calendarSeptember 17, 2020 | Laura Millán

Support for Those Who Struggling with Alcohol Addiction

Did you know that 40 million people suffer from substance abuse disorder and only 11% receive ded...

calendarSeptember 14, 2020 | Laura Millán

10 Best Alcohol Addiction Recovery Books

There are many articles and videos on alcohol addiction recovery. Yet, there is something about b...

calendarAugust 21, 2020 | Laura Millán

What is the difference between alcohol abuse and alcoholism?

In the United States, much of our culture centers around drinking. Problems that result from drin...

calendarJuly 30, 2020 | Laura Millán

What is Alcohol Abuse & How To Treat Alcoholism?

There are still many misconceptions surrounding the disease of alcoholism. Most people in the mai...

calendarJuly 21, 2020 | Laura Millán

Tips to Get Started on the Road to Recovery from Alcohol Addiction

Everyone loves a drink once in a while, but how much is too much? It usually starts as a...

calendarJuly 10, 2020 | Laura Millán

How to recognize the warning signs and symptoms of Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse?

Alcohol has been ranked as one of the five most addictive substances. It can take a serious physi...

calendarJuly 02, 2020 | Laura Millán

What is an Addiction Rehabilitation Center?

Alcohol and drug addiction is a very common problem in many countries. It causes a number of phys...

calendarApril 28, 2020 | Laura Millán

What is a Recovery Residence?

A Recovery Residence provides the best setting for men and women in the recovery from alcohol and...

calendarApril 28, 2020 | Laura Millán

What is an Oxford House?

Humans are complex organisms that constantly find something new for themselves. At first, it seem...

calendarApril 28, 2020 | Laura Millán

Sober Houses: Halfway House

A halfway house appeared back in the 19th century when a belief that offenders should be given a ...

calendarApril 28, 2020 | Laura Millán

What Are Sober Living Houses?

Over 90 percent of people that go through alcohol and drug addiction treatment relapse within the...

calendarApril 28, 2020 | Laura Millán