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zoom Why is Alcohol so Addictive?

Why is Alcohol so Addictive?

In today’s article, we will try to answer a common question “Why are people addicted to alcohol?”. Addictive Alcohol – Factors behind it So, why is alcohol addictive? Only a few psychotropic substances cause all three addictions and alcohol is one of them. Psychological dependence occurs when a person’s behavior changes even from a thought about a substance or awareness of a chance to use it soon. This dependence is formed in the brain and is associated with the neurotransmitter metabolism of dopamine and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). Under the influence of alcohol, neurons (brain cells) become accustomed to a specific

October 22, 2020 Laura Millán
zoom Women and Alcoholism

Women and Alcoholism

Female alcoholism is a serious illness, an addiction that develops much faster than that of men. In addition, it proceeds in a more severe form. Alcohol does not make a woman confident, but, on the contrary, forms misery in her soul, which sooner or later translates to all household members. Signs of Alcoholism in Women You can recognize that a woman is developing alcoholism by several signs. Changes in face appearance Alcoholism first of all is reflected on the face of the drinking woman, leaving characteristic signs that are noticeable to others. These include: Due to the intake of alcohol,

October 20, 2020 Laura Millán
zoom Signs that Your Wine Habit is Becoming a Real Addiction

Signs that Your Wine Habit is Becoming a Real Addiction

What makes one cross the line – instead of occasional alcohol consumption “on holidays”, start using it regularly? Most often it is a desire to “relax”, relieve excessive internal stress, remove the consequences of psycho-emotional stress. On the other hand, it may be the influence of the environment where it is customary to regularly consume alcohol. In the absence of a desire to control alcohol consumption, its intake gradually becomes more frequent, turning into a daily one, being the risk of the formation of addiction and diseases it leads to. Sings of addiction Dependency and addiction are always formed according

October 15, 2020 Laura Millán
zoom The Real Consequences of Drinking and Driving (DUI)

The Real Consequences of Drinking and Driving (DUI)

Alcohol in any volume affects the ability and speed of decision making. For this reason, appropriate legal restrictions are established. Drunk driving is dangerous not only for the driver and passengers of their car but also for other road users and pedestrians. It is not recommended to drive while drinking alcohol and is usually punished by law. Yet, during a series of numerous corporate events, dinners with partners, and meetings with old friends, it is tempting to pamper yourself with a glass of wine or beer. Then, no one wants to leave the car far from home, or call a

October 13, 2020 Laura Millán
zoom Alcohol Relapse: What to do

Alcohol Relapse: What to do

Alcohol addiction and alcoholism do not just let go. It may seem to a person that, finally, he was able to take control of the wicked substance and became the master of the situation. Yet, after a few days or weeks, the craving for alcohol returns, and the addict cannot refuse a tempting offer to sit in a bar or visit a friend’s party where he will inevitably face alcohol. The condition when, after decisive abstinence, the addict drinks heavily again is called a relapse. It can occur both after independent refusal from alcohol, and after alcoholism treatment, especially if

October 08, 2020 Laura Millán
zoom Alcohol Abstinence vs Moderation

Alcohol Abstinence vs Moderation

Today, society is more comfortable with alcohol. An amount that is already clearly harmful to health is considered normal. The problem arises if there is no longer control over one’s life and physical dependence arises. If a person does not get drunk for a long time (and this is already alcohol tolerance), society treats it as acceptable alcohol consumption, as long as one can control his behavior, there is a family and a permanent place of work. People are sure that the limit of what is allowed can be determined by how you feel: as long as you do not

October 06, 2020 Laura Millán
zoom Alcoholism Statistics

Alcoholism Statistics

Are you wondering how many alcoholics in the world there are? Do you want to know some alcoholism statistics? You are in the right place! We collected the most shocking and thought-provoking statistics for alcohol use and other related facts. General Statistics for Alcohol According to the 2015 survey, 86.4% of people aged 18 or older reported that they drank alcohol at some point in their lifetime, 70.1% reported that they drank in the past year, while 56% reported that they drank in the last month. More than 10% of US children live with a parent with alcohol problems. Alcohol

September 30, 2020 Laura Millán
zoom High Functioning Alcoholic: Traits, Signs and Symptoms

High Functioning Alcoholic: Traits, Signs and Symptoms

A glass of wine, a glass of whiskey, a couple of beers in a friendly company – what’s wrong with that? Moderate drinking hasn’t hurt anyone yet. Even doctors say it’s good for your health. Be careful, the cult of alcohol is developing in society: there is just one small step from “everything is under control” to serious problems. We are accustomed to thinking that the word “alcoholic” means a person lying dead drunk in the mud, from whom decent people shy away, an unemployed, homeless, lost person who causes nothing but feelings of disgust and pity. Despite the fact

September 28, 2020 Laura Millán
zoom Five Stages of Alcoholism

Five Stages of Alcoholism

Alcoholism is characterized by a strong mental and physical dependence on alcohol intake. It is a disease that develops rapidly and goes through several stages in its development, during which there is a gradual increase in alcohol dependence and a decrease in the possibility of self-control in drinking alcohol, as well as the progressive development of various disorders caused by alcohol poisoning of the body. Traditionally, the following main groups of persons are distinguished in the population: Individuals who do not drink alcohol Individuals with moderate alcohol consumption Individuals who abuse alcohol (development of alcohol dependence) No signs of alcoholism

September 25, 2020 Laura Millán
zoom Alcohol Dependence: Signs and Symptoms

Alcohol Dependence: Signs and Symptoms

Not many people can tell alcohol abuse vs. dependence apart. Individuals begin to abuse alcohol and gradually become dependent on it for one reason or another. At first, perhaps, a person drinks from time to time, then more and more often, the volumes of the drink increase. As a rule, nothing happens suddenly. That is why it is difficult to determine that specific moment when a habit turns into a big problem. Both alcohol abuse and dependence are currently considered alcohol use disorders, but it is difficult to draw a dividing line between the two. Abuse… … is an issue

September 24, 2020 Laura Millán
zoom Alcohol Allergies: Causes and Symptoms

Alcohol Allergies: Causes and Symptoms

Any allergy is associated with an unreasonably increased sensitivity of the immune system to certain substances that enter the body from outside. That is, when faced with a foreign but at the same time harmless organic compound, the human defense system begins to produce antibodies with unjustified intensity, which destabilizes the normal functioning of the body due to the absence of a real enemy. Allergic reaction or alcohol intolerance? Allergy to alcohol is caused by the fact that your immune system does not respond appropriately to it. A true alcohol allergy is hardly ever encountered. The mechanism of hypersensitivity to

September 23, 2020 Laura Millán
zoom Alcohol Poisoning: Signs, Symptoms and Treatment

Alcohol Poisoning: Signs, Symptoms and Treatment

Wine alcohol was first learned to get in the 6th – 7th century AD in the Arab countries, where it was called “al–koél “, which means intoxicating. In Europe, the production of alcohol became a branch of the food industry already in the late Middle Ages. The production and consumption of spirits increased significantly in the 18th – 19th centuries. Overview It doesn’t matter if you drink expensive wine or cheap vodka – both contain alcohol, which is poisonous to the body. Alcohol has a chemical name of ethanol, which is a drug that depresses the activity of the central

September 22, 2020 Laura Millán
zoom What is Alcohol Withdrawal

What is Alcohol Withdrawal

Alcohol Withdrawal Overview Did you know that 88,000 deaths are annually attributed to excessive alcohol use and this number only grows? The decision to stop drinking alcohol can be a huge step in a person’s life. People see benefits in mind, spirit, relationships, and also in their bodies. Individuals who have alcohol dependence disorder will experience some form of alcohol withdrawal if they decide to stop drinking all of a sudden or cut back on their drinking. Fortunately, in many cases, alcohol withdrawal will be mild or moderate, but about one in five cases it will be severe. In these

September 21, 2020 Laura Millán
zoom Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

Alcoholics Anonymous is the pioneering self-help group that was founded in 1935 by Dr. Bob Smith and Bill Wilson in Akron, Ohio to help alcoholics achieve and maintain sobriety. Since then, many other 12 Step programs have been created, such as Al-Anon, Codependents Anonymous, and Gamblers Anonymous to help people overcome unhealthy compulsive behaviors. What is AA? AA is short for Alcoholics Anonymous. AA is made up of men and women who have lost the ability to control their drinking and who have developed a variety of problems as a result of drinking. Its members strive to live a fulfilling

September 18, 2020 Laura Millán
zoom Fetal alcohol syndrome: Symptoms and causes

Fetal alcohol syndrome: Symptoms and causes

Even if it is true that a glass of wine is not harmful and perhaps even beneficial to the mother, it is extremely dangerous for a fetus. There is no evidence that any level of alcohol is safe for the developing fetus. Yes, you or your friends may get lucky and have completely healthy kids even if you drank one or two glasses of wine during your pregnancy. But is it worth risking the health of a future baby? Fetal alcohol syndrome, which some might call alcoholic fetal syndrome, is the most severe diagnosis in the fetal alcohol spectrum disorders

September 17, 2020 Laura Millán