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Basic tips for sober summer parties and bbqs

Basic tips for sober summer parties and bbqs

The desire to drink some cold alcohol on a hot summer day may not attract a regular person. However, alcohol-dependent people may find this idea to be not just attractive, but a perfect excuse to day drink since it’s “just for refreshment”.

What might be an even better excuse? Summer BBQ parties! They sound like an innocent and fun activity for people that don’t have a tendency to drink too much. For people that have weakness for alcohol beverages this may be a perfect trigger of eager desire to drink.

Thinking about drinking

One of the most efficient ways of stopping before doing something wrong, commonly used with children, is thinking about the reasons one is doing something and what can come out of the wrongdoing.

If a person is attending some kind of family event or friends reunion, asking themselves about the purpose of getting drunk at such a place could be of benefit not only to their drinking problem but to understanding themselves better. Thus, controlling their bad habits or dependencies and working on them.

Friends and family gatherings are usually held to reunite or catch up with people you care for. Remembering this simple truth can help alcohol-dependent people to control themselves when drinking or not to drink at all. This is the first part of the suggested method – thinking about the reasons one is doing something.

The second part is predicting the results of doing wrong, drinking in our case. Drinkers may already know the outcome of uncontrolled drinking from previous experiences. At the end, all they need is to evaluate the cost of their irresponsible behaviour during that event, which might be disappointing friends/ family members, ruining party and relationships.

Partying = Drinking?

Mindset matters!

There are a lot of reasons why people drink at parties, or if it comes to that, alcohol enormously in general. When coming to a party, alcohol might help one become more relaxed and self-confident, it also might help them forget about their daily struggles or duties. In these cases one should not underestimate the value of believing that they are able to not drink at the party. They should remind themselves that not drinking doesn’t necessarily mean missing out on all the fun and in most cases it’s the opposite. In short, before coming to the event, one should decide that they won’t be consuming any alcoholic beverages there.

Stay away from alcohol

Every person might experience social anxiety on different levels when surrounded by any amount of people. There are multiple ways one can decrease the level of anxiety.

The first one is drinking liquids, especially water. In this case it doesn’t matter what the liquid is, but for alcohol-dependent people, it might be a good excuse to drink. In their case, it should be only non-alcoholic beverages. So, when coming to a party, a person with that type of dependency must get himself a regular drink to feel more comfortable and not be tempted by his weakness.

Secondly, holding something in your hands is a very effective way of decreasing your anxiety rate and comforting yourself. Having a non-alcoholic drink in your hands can help you calm down and feel more confident as well as hold you from drinking alcohol which you’re trying to avoid.

These two things will physically distance one from alcohol, help them feel comfortable and create an excuse for them in case someone offers them any alcoholic drink. Why would anyone offer you a drink if you have one already, in any way?

If you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol addiction or substance abuse problems, reach out to us at ecosoberhouse.com. We have all the resources you need to get the help you need. Don’t delay – the first best time to get yourself better was yesterday, the second best time is now. Your life and health matter, don’t let it get away from you.

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